Change the Way You See Things

In this world, we tend to see things according to what we are taught, or by things we think we know because we have seen them with our eyes. But our senses are not always giving us the whole picture, or the correct picture. A lot of times we are afraid as adults of many things that don’t make any sense at all. We are afraid of others we do not know, especially if they are not the same color as we are, or they don’t speak the same language. We fail to see that they are human beings just as we are, and with the same fears and dreams and hopes, the basically same ways of relating to the earth that we do, or perhaps different, but they are still human beings as we are.

We all arrived on this earth by some factor beyond any of us. Whether it was God or Gods or some ancient power we may not understand in this lifetime, we all arrived here. That means that we are all meant to be here, and each of the cultures has its own area where it has chosen to live. We fight over property perhaps because it is rich in resources that we think we need. We don’t try to invent new technologies or new products that don’t require those resources. Instead, different cultures in the world attempt to show how powerful they are and how they can destroy any other cultures in the world. But is it altogether possible that without these other cultures, the aggressor culture will not survive for long? Is it possible that each culture helps to create a balance in nature by caring for a different part of the earth? Is it possible that even the very air we breathe is affected by the different cultures and helps to create another balance that is critical to all those who live on this earth?

We fight over the earth’s properties and resources instead of working together to get to other planets to discover what resources might be available there. Are we even intended to go to other planets, or is it our responsibility to learn how to live together on this one first? Is it possible that there are cultures living on the others also trying to learn how to live together? It is so strange because there is so much uninhabited land here on earth that could well be considered and perhaps utilized for living. And there are ample resources available to feed all the people on this plane if we all worked together.

Perhaps indeed, we are not so afraid of the darkness as we are of the light.


12 thoughts on “Change the Way You See Things

  1. Bravo πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Well said.
    Beautifully written.
    We are all meant to be here and we create the balance and harmony in our different cultural presence.

    Very beautiful and positive post.

    Now if the whole world would be think like this and be like this. May be it could be heaven.

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    1. I appreciate this so much. Heaven can be right here on earth if we but make it so. It is definitely a worthwhile and critical goal if we are to continue to enjoy the earth we live on in peace and harmony not only with other cultures, but with all the creatures and the plants and all the things that matter on this earth. Thank you kindly.

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  2. First off, great quotes, Anne. For some children, what they are taught is diametrically opposed to the actions that follow them. As for myself, at a very early age, I had to search for what was true and questioned everything. The kindness of some neighbors taught me to read at a tender age and refuge was often the library… Though at times I stumbled over some of the words, there were no children’s books, no fiction, for me. I was in search of something real, something to believe and hang onto. Books were my friends and my family. πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“š LΓ©a x

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    1. It sounds like you might have lived through similar things that I did, for I also had to search for truth and I too questioned everything. I often laugh as I was so rebellious because of not knowing what was true that I would test everything. So when my younger brother and I were told that mulberries were poisonous and that eating just one would kill us, we went out and ate as many as our greedy little fingers could manage. And I broke my big right toe because I questioned that the rat traps we had to set in Okinawa when we were there did not hurt the rats. These were just some of the things we lived with. Most of them were more severe. So I guess it was a little like the same. And books were my friends and family too because the things they said were not lies. I am glad you made it through too and grew into the incredible person you are now. Thank you so kindly. Keep shining!

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