With many thanks to Alan Syliboy, The Daily Drum. Images from Nova Scotia petroglyphs. In Mi’kman tradition, women are accorded the highest respect and regard, for they are the portals through which a spirit comes to earth. Life is amazing how we all connect with each other. I wrote my poem, Womenspirit in November, 1989.
formed somewhere
in the soft recesses
of the night
where songbirds cling
to outstretched branches
and willows weep
over mothers' protective dreams
of children yet born.
mingles with the golden voice
of dawn
where time has no meaning
and faces intermingle
in the landscape of the heart.
is a quilt
woven of life's rich fabric
and wrapped around
the very soul of humanity.

14 thoughts on “Womenspirit

    1. Thank you so kindly, Roberta. We are still here and trying to do our best to get qualified for a home of our own, hopefully in Arizona, but we will see.+ As for this park owner who will not give me my title and has been doing this for a year and nearly a half, I am working on that too. I have tried the City, the HCD (Housing and Community Development which supposedly helps people in mobile home parks, only they can do nothing at the present time), legal aid, and ugly, nasty letters to match their ugly, nasty personalities. Millionaires and they were attorneys before the husband and wife got Alzheimers, and now the daughter is running things, and she has literally turned this park into a slum. One man has not received his title for 9 years, and there were three people before me I have found out who “owned” their (now mine) home and never got theirs. So I am trying to get some action, but it is ok. Working on a book, and seeing how much poetry I have in the larder and if it is enough to make another book. Have some children’s stories that need rewriting and illustrations, so I guess I will never run out of things to do.

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  1. I think a lot of us got our inspirations to do whatever we did from people like you, Jennie, and they are far and few between. You are always so appreciated. I wish every single teacher could read your posts. They sure do need them. Hugs and blessings always, Anne

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    1. I miss having time to read everyone else’s posts. I try to keep this up, but there is so much to take care of these days, I am having difficulty keeping up. I absolutely wish you the same. I miss all your beautiful posts; they have always felt so beautiful and so peaceful, sort of like a beautiful dance under the stars as the earth spins around. Thank you very kindly, Savvy. I truly miss you and your writing. Perhaps I will get caught up once we get relocated. Peace and blessings, Anne


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