The Birthing

In honor of my daughter Deborah’s birthday, Feb. 13, 1960
I waited with the world
for you to be born.
Each of us waited,
Some counting the minutes
Some aware but working
to do the many things
that keep the wheels of the world
And some slept
Knowing you would
come without their encouragement.

I waited alone
working at tasks gentle and quiet
vaguely aware of the minutes
speeding by.
The rain fell
as if the world were crying
and then softly
with just a few fireworks
you were born.
And despite such
a small, quiet entrance
You filled me with
a sense of promise;
A sort of inner rebirthing.

I have witnessed your birth
some 78 years.
I have seen you born
sometimes with tears,
sometimes with a sense of joy.
But always
there is the smallest
sense of change
and of something
that is already ancient.


15 thoughts on “The Birthing

  1. Thank you so kindly, Alethea. This is most meaningful for me since I did not see my children for some 28 years after their father took them illegally and hid them away. So much trauma then for me, I had amnesia AND PTSD. But my daughter and I were reunited and she is very much like me – writer, artistic, creative, etc. but the boys were too young when they were taken (1-1/2 and 6 months) so they do not remember me and they have a stepmother, so to them, she is their mother. I am OK with that. Seeing my daughter was enough, and she and I keep in touch sometimes. She lives in Colorado and we only met in person that one time when I stayed some days with her and her then husband. She got divorced and is remarried, and present husband has Parkinson’s but they have had a good life together before this, so I am glad, and I am glad that I was able to teach her so much. She could read words around two years old because I made up a method and taught her, and she had a great memory and memorized and would read her children’s books every night before bed after we would say our prayers together.

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  2. Yes, thank you so much. I almost ended it all a number of times when younger. I started focusing on getting somewhere with education and goals, and I thought how if I ever had anything that might inspire my children in their lives somehow, it might be that, even though I did not know who had them or where they were, and I could not remember anything at all about the boys except that there were two of them. I could not remember their names at all. It is OK now though. We always wonder what our lives would have been like “if.” Thank you so kindly.

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    1. Not to feel sad, Carol. Each of us goes through trials and tribulations in our lifetimes, and without them we might never learn the true meaning of compassion for others. Without the rain in our lives, we could not have flowers and rainbows and the beauty of the universe. Thank you always from the bottom of my heart.

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      1. You have such a beautiful soul dear Anne… Your words without the rain in our lives we could not have flowers and rainbows so resonated with me… I will always remember those words.. Hugs xxx

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    1. Thank you so kindly. It is a good feeling to be able to get back to writing poetry once again. It has honestly been years, and I think that is why I wrote “as we waited,” thinking of what other mothers might have felt too. I really appreciate you.

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  3. Another totally touching piece Anne. . We may never know or guess why things happen but they do . Every season has a reason to be
    And yet the sun shines on….
    Hope is here to stay …and Anne thank you for sharing your beautiful heart.

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  4. Thank you, Savvy, Your writing over the years has given me much cause to celebrate the beauty of everything that happens in this lifetime. We cannot know why we go through some of the things we do in this life, but everything ultimately is useful to help us have true compassion for others and to give them support when they too are going through some of the challenges in life. It is always an honor and a pleasure to know you.


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