Lord of the Deep: Web of Light

My study of this wonderful course about the universe and all that is within and outside of it has brought an amazing and significant understanding of how this universe has been gifted to all of us, regardless of our countries, our belief systems, our cultures or the color of our skins, and to all the creatures on this earth, and all the magnificent plants, down to the smallest grain of sand. We can change the darkness in this world, but we will never achieve it with dark thoughts of others or of anything that exists in our universe. This universe and all that exists is sacred, and we are all a part of the One. Divided in purpose and respect, we can accomplish nothing, but when the heart and mind of the many are joined, we will be what we are meant to be. Thank you one and all for sharing this experience.

The Silent Eye

This morning, the Companions attending the Lord of the Deep workshop, and Companions of The Silent Eye around the world, will join together in a shared meditation. This will take the form of a guided visualisation.. a journey in imagination. We invite you to join with us for a few moments, opening that portal in the heart and mind through which all may pass, that together we may weave a Web of Light.

At this time, when our word is in turmoil, when the bounty of our planet is being stretched beyond endurance and so many of its creatures face extinction, let us add our voice to the Web that is being woven by Seekers of Light of many paths and traditions, all around the earth.

Alone, we can do little, but when hearts come together to work in harmony, we can change the world, even if it is only…

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8 thoughts on “Lord of the Deep: Web of Light

    1. A very wise philosopher whose name I cannot remember stated that when one single grain of sand is moved, it sets in motion a whole change as you are noting. You always have the most beautiful and positive thoughts. It is a blessing to know you Didi.

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      1. Thank you dear Anne πŸ™‚
        Or according to another philosophic hypothesis: is the butterfly effect: when the butterfly moves its wings slightly differently it triggers a whole domino effect, like ripples going around the whole world, because all causes that form the present condition are totally interchangeably depending on each other. So that all causes and effects harmonize together (a small change is like a kaldaiscope: it changes the whole “picture”) – thanks again, my friend and have a great time πŸ™‚

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  1. I absolutely love this image and philosophy. It is really wonderful. Thank you so much. May I have permission to quote you on this with credit of course? I think this is an excellent lesson all on its own. You always come up with the most beautiful thoughts. Thank you again, my dear and precious friend.


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