Holocaust Remembrance Day

Dachau Holocaust Memorial

Before you mistakenly think that I am a Jew, I am not. I believe that we are all sacred on this earth, and we were put here for a purpose, so we all belong here – be you Chinese, Mexican, Black, Indian (East or West), Muslim, or any other race of people or culture, regardless of what God or spiritual belief you follow, regardless of your political beliefs, or any of those other things we associate with human beings. We are ALL sacred, and none of us would be here if we were not meant to be, along with all the types of creatures and growing plants, right down to the smallest grain of sand. Our greatest challenge today is to accept all the people in this world as being essential for the survival of the world and the universe. Together, we can accomplish so much, but as long as we keep considering that any particular group, any creatures, any plant or grain of sand, we will be continuing to tear down what was given to us as the greatest gift.

Holocaust Memorial

Let us not be separated by barbed wires, by men and women with guns, or other instruments of torture. Let us look to see the beauty in all the individuals and the creatures, the plants, and the smallest grains of sand, and work together to help this universe to continue to live. Every time we harm another human being, be it physical or with our words, we harm our own selves because we lose more of our souls until there is nothing left to show that we were once human. Take a moment out of your day to say a prayer for all of the humans, the creatures, the plants and the grains of sand and how thankful we all are that we have been given this beautiful diversity. Thank you one and all.


9 thoughts on “Holocaust Remembrance Day

  1. Thank you very kindly. Yes, it is very important for all of us. If all this hatred and war, etc. continues, the world will not survive it. I truly pray that something changes for the better in this lifetime.


  2. I agree with you. This treatment of Jews was horrendous, not even a word can define it. People, who don’t even know one another committed the most heinous acts. We must work to create an awareness of the concept of the unknown. People must not be allowed hate those they have never met.

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  3. we must never forget such things in this lifetime, and though we may not be able to literally stop things like this, we can meditate or pray to whatever God or Gods or Spiritual beliefs we may have for peace in this world, and for the world to become whole in spirit and respect for other human beings. I believe it must be an incredible experience, and not one that I have wanted to experience. Hearing all those spirits of the people who died so needlessly and just for a world gone mad is something I doubt I could ever find peace with in any way again. I have been to the Los Angeles Memorial Museum (I can’r remember the whole name – it has been years since I have been there, but it is everything that led up to and during the Holocaust. No one comes out with dry eyes. Thank you so much.


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