Art Exhibit – Part II

So now you have seen Part I, and I want to let you know that I am quite prolific with speaking what is in my heart and the compass of my soul.  So Part II will show you some more things I have created, and you might question their designation as “art.”  I want you to know that as an artist, I define what is MY art and what it will chose to be at any given time in my life according to how I am envisioning life at that particular time.  I like the freedom to celebrate life in the many ways I choose to celebrate it.  When I turned 65, I decided to do something different for my special day.  I had put on some African music which I liked very much, and I was thinking of how the people paint their bodies to signify something that is very meaningful to them, so I got out some black cloth, and being all alone, stripped and painted my breasts white.  I pressed them to the cloth.  We know ourselves in one way, or perhaps two, but there are things and ways of ourselves that we have never observed.  So when I looked at the cloth I had created, I was, to say the least, surprised, for whoever would ever know that this was what a breast looked like on cloth.  Here are a couple of pieces that came from this wonderful experiment in which I learned to see myself in a whole new way.  This process never ends, for there is always something new to learn, and as we change over the many years, so do our bodies and minds.  Each part becomes a special art exhibit all of its own.


Boobalala by Anne Copeland – Paint and Fiber


Annies boob quilt for autism charity - My garden of Earthly Delights

My Garden of Earthly Delights” by Anne – Paint and Fiber

This quilt is about 18″ x 20″ and it features the breast prints in multicolors, which was a lot more fun and challenging than just doing white.  And to think, I still have more body parts to color and experiment with.  Who knows what this will ultimately lead to.  I am certainly not the first person to experiment with painting body parts, but I did this my way and without any lessons either.  The frog is painted separately.

Oh, and this was a charity quilt I decided to make for Art for Autism, since I have been very involved for many years with autistic and other special needs children. For those of you who might recoil in horror, there is nothing ugly or wierd about our breasts.  I fed all my children with mine, lived through breast cancer, and now that I have passed three quarters of a life (age 77), I am glad to be able to still have those breasts.  For me, they are no different than having teeth, hair, armpits, or feet or a backside. Does a tree hide its branches in shame?

So this is Art Exhibit Part II.  We will look at some other ideas in different “exhibits” I get to curate and write about.  It’s my show.  See you at the next one.


8 thoughts on “Art Exhibit – Part II

      1. Hi Anne, yes I am. Spending some time with my family Germany’s biggest island called Rügen. Just a perfect day for a great weather😊 How about you?

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  1. Hi DaZ, My significant other and I are working away on writing and he is sitting next to me on his computer. Our weather here in Southern California, in a place called Yucaipa, just beneath the mountains, is very nice and cool today. I shall get out another blanket for the bed because it was cold for us last night. I love the autumn. We have a lot of canyons in our area, so it is not just flat land, and there is always something interesting to observe out in nature. The island you are on sounds wonderful. Tell me more about it.

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    1. Hi Anne, great to hear from you. I bet there are a lot of nice places to see in California, I haven’t been to US yet but I’m looking forward to travel there hopefully someday soon😃. Well, yes.. Rügen is really amazing for its sandy beaches, clear water, and seaside resorts. It is around 500kms away from where we we live in Germany, around 5 to 6 hour drive with a car. We stayed 3 nights at a resort in Breege with amazing coast view. Our visit includes walking along the sandy beach in Binz, Sellin Pier, seeing the famous chalk cliff in Rügen, experiencing the multi-vision cinema with audioguide exhibitions at the Königsstuhl National Park Center, seeing the “Prora” (famous for its long buildings), and a lot more! I definitely would be making a blog for this so please… watch out☺️😃

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  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful description of this area. You can definitely build a very fine blog by describing different areas in Germany as they are now, and perhaps some history on special parks and beautiful areas. That could make a nice blog combined with photos and stories of interest. Thank you kindly.

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