We Are the World

Strength art quilt by Anne Copeland

There comes a time (Song by Michael Jackson)

When we hear a certain call

When the world

Must come together as One.

There are people dying

And its time

to lend a hand to life

The greatest gift of all.

We can’t go on

Pretending day by day

That someone, somewhere

Will make a change.

We are all a part of

God’s (change to whatever works for you) great big family

And the truth, you know

Love is all we need.

We are the world

We are the children

We are the ones

Who make a brighter day

So let’s start giving (change to living or keep both).

There’s a choice we are making

We’re saving our own lives

It’s true we’ll make a better day

Just you and me.

Send them your heart

So they’ll know that someone cares

And their lives

Will be stronger and free.

As God (again, replace with spiritual, or whomever you follow) has shown us

By turning stone to bread

So we must all lend

A helping hand.

We are the world

We are the children

We are the ones

Who make a brighter day

So let’s start giving (change to living or keep both).

Anne writing now:

It’s hard to believe that there have been other times in this world when people have died in great numbers, or when people have panicked by so many different things, and really lost their sense of values completely. What are we teaching our children by all of this panicking and hoarding, fighting, and even hurting others over things like toilet paper or hand sanitizer, etc.? What are we doing that is using our own minds and senses that can help us get through this as we have over centuries by not giving in to insanity?

The children of the world all need us to help show them the way to survive these periodic periods when governments and businesses are not necessarily doing the right things for the people. Don’t you find it strange that Senator Diane Feinstein (U.S.) sold off her stocks right before the announcements of everything shutting down? Remember Martha Stewart and what she did just before a big stock drop? What about states declaring Martial law and preventing people from going out of their homes? Remember what happened in Poland in WWII? Strange that in an election year, the American people have been so totally isolated and left in a state of panic and near insanity (if not total).

It is important that we do not give in to this panic. It is important that we stop fearing our neighbors and that we teach our children good values because it is what has made our country–and I am sure for those of you in other countries of the world who may happen to read this) that spirit we have called The Spirit of America. Thank you one and all so much, and today, see if you can each make one person you talk to on the phone feel appreciated and happy. When I talk business to folks, regardless of what it is on the phone, I always thank them very kindly for doing such a great job, and then I tell them to smile. I always let them know that I am 78, and have been through a great many things (which is true) and here I am still standing. Yesterday, a service lady told me when I told her these things that she had been having a horrible day and that it made her feel so much better. If we do nothing more than this with everyone we come in contact with, this will be good. Let people know that regardless of what others tell us, we are all in charge of our own world, and we have to not give in so easily. If we are going to get ill, so be it, but just using simple measures as we normally do in flu season is actually enough. Fear definitely makes everything else worse. We ARE the World; We ARE the Children, and WE can definitely make the world a better place for everyone. The power is within all of us.


3 thoughts on “We Are the World

  1. I was just listening to this song as a friend sent it to me. Are people sending it around or do you both think alike?
    At the same time as there is isolation and harm, there are people gathering together and setting up groups to help those who need it.
    Take care of yourselves…..
    Love, light, and glitter


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