Mending the World One Stitch at a Time

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Life seems ponderous at times, and definitely overwhelming with so many negative things happening in the world. But doing one little thing CAN help make a difference. Find one small thing you can do to change things for one person or for a few and do it. There is no lack of choices to help you find something that fits your skills, knowledge and abilities. Do it today.


15 thoughts on “Mending the World One Stitch at a Time

  1. Reblogged this on Journey to life and commented:
    Everything we do makes a difference. All the little things. The smiles, hellos, hugs, coffees can and do make the world of a difference to others.
    I’ve been reading through Anne’s blog for the past hour and a half or so (thanks for the company!). There are other posts worth it to reblog. This post reminded me of acts of kindness. How there is so much good if we open our eyes to it, and how we can be that light if we choose to be. I know I don’t think I ever make an impact on anyone at all, but maybe we all do, more than we can realise. With every action being another stitch in time.

    Love, light and glitter

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    1. Good Morning Eliza, Yes, it only takes one little light to light up the darkness. I love this note from you and it is worth remembering because we all often feel that there is very little we can do in any situation, but yes, we can, and we do, often without knowing we have made a difference. We just have to become aware of those around us every day that we go outside our home, and those who might live with us too.

      I remember so sadly this little 13-year-old girl who committed suicide because she was bullied at school for wearing braces. If her mother or father had just encouraged her about the braces when she got them and let her know that as she grew up, she would likely be beautiful, and that it is OK to have braces because lots of people wear them, she might have lived. She just needed that one kind word, or that encouragement that the braces would not be there her whole life.

      We have a lot of folks jumping off the freeway bridges here, and other things that are so sad. We just have to believe that whatever little things we might do, we CAN make a difference. I used to teach illiterate adults how to read and that is really sad. But I never just taught them how to read. I encouraged them in filling out forms, learning how to make visioning boards, and in one case, took a young lady who had lived a horrible life of abuse to her very first Halloween costume challenge. I helped her make her first costume ever, and you should have seen her eyes light up like a child. She won 2nd place for her Miami Flies costume – 6 months worth of free aerobics and she also ended up getting her first job at a legitimate place, the VA Hospital, and she was ok after that.

      Little things like this take us on a journey outside ourselves and they help us to grow our own souls for sure. You are a wonderful person and I am always happy to hear from you!

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      1. I love when you see the results. Your last story made me cry. I’m so glad!!!
        They do take us further…. most definitely so.

        Can you check your spam folder? I think one of my comments got left there (or deleted) and I can’t recall what I said. I feel like it was a really long comment, but in all likelihood it was a couple of sentences saying nothing at all 🙂

        Love, light and glitter


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