Five Roses and How They Grew (or Not)

rose-blossom-bloom-red-rose-87469Photo courtesy Pixels.

I have five rose bushes in pots in my yard. It is interesting to watch the way they grow (or dont). These were rescue rose bushes – I got them in one of those very cheap waytoolateforbarerootroses sales and they were literally bare root – no sawdust or other wrapping to protect them.  It looked as though the grower simply plowed up their fields, threw the survivors into a box and brought them to the storeI looked carefully through all the ones that were available and picked the ones that had some signs of growing or trying to grow.

Watching the five rose bushes grow is a good analogy for life and how people choose to live itOf the five rose bushesdespite great care and lovewatering and fertilizerone of them didnt even try to make it and died within daysIt just plain gave upfor it had plenty of greenand it could have chosen to growbut for whatever reasonsit didnt even give it a tryI took it back and the store let me pick out another oneso againI brought the new one home and gave it the same treatment.

This one didnt look THAT promising – it had two spindly little greenishwhite twisted branches coming outbut somehow I felt good about itI wasnt wrong either because it took in all the waterthe fertilizerand everything it could get and it put out the largest leaves and healthy redgreen leavesand lots of them tooIt was really pumping to grow with everything it hasThe leaves and stems quickly reached up as if to catch every drop of available sunThis rose bush is not only was going to make itit was going to outpace all the other ones as if in a race to be the biggest and strongest.

One of the rose bushes had green on the trunks and it looked healthybut it is as though it hasnt made up its mind whether to grow or notIt just sat there with its green trunk but it hadnt even tried to put out any branches or leavesIt almost felt as though it was waiting for someone else to do its work.

Still another of the rose bushes was greenand it sort of sat there for awhileand then finally decided to growIt took a longer timemalingering day by dayseeming a little hopeful as it held onto its green for a long timebut then it finally just gave up without any little fight to survive.

The fourth rose bush tried toobut it was a such a timid little thingIt too had the greenish white branchesand it it put out little sweet leavesbut kept them close to the trunk as if needing to protect them from everythingIt grew slowlyas if not quite sure of each step it took like a baby that tries to take its first steps but has to hold onto the wall for security, not knowing how to trust its own self to make it .

The fifth rose was taller than the rest in its trunkbut it just put out one spindly branch and it had leavesbut only a couple and it grew so slowly that I often forgot to look at it to see how it is doing because my eyes were drawn to the most robust of all of them and how truly hard that one was trying.

I always think about these roses when I think about the challenges I hear that people are having in their lives and the ways they handle themI think about the ways they chose or chose not to go on and live fully no matter what the circumstances.

Like that robust rose bush with its huge leaves reaching out to grab everything it could to live fullyit was a trash rose to start out with as all of these werebut it was determined to go forward and it will make it in life and to be a rose that would cause people to admire it for trying so hardEven if this rose didnt get regular watering and fertilizer and a lot of good sunI have this feeling that it would be the kind of rose that would grow between cracks in pavementIt really wants to live and nothing will stop it as long as there is even just a little trunk and roots leftWhat kind of rose bush would you be in this life?


8 thoughts on “Five Roses and How They Grew (or Not)

  1. Nature is full of lessons for us to imbibe such is its amazing grace . Your thoughts insights are a gift of grace… in the sharing is the learning .
    I like this post as it speaks much through the journey of the five rose . I am reminded of my earlier reflections on Nature and nurture as I read this.
    How interesting to see how life blooms amidst the challenges.
    From the one that didn’t try, to the one that didn’t seem promising but was purpose driven.And the one that needed supportive care and encouragement to bloom as it didn’t know it’s own potential,to the cautious one that was filled with insecurities and had to simply learn to trust itself… to the tallest one that had its own issues …and yes of course the robust one charts its course . Sending a cheer in promise of many happy blooms ahead!! Enjoyed reading this immensely Anne . Thank you for sharing this.

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  2. I really like your analogies. I think I would be a climbing rose, or a knockout. Definitely not a hybrid tea or a miniature. I would be a sraggly fighter more than a lovely bloomer. I like how you personified the roses in your garden and gave them personalities one could relate to.


    1. Oh, that is me too (the scraggly fighter, but there is something beautiful and highly empowered in that). Thank you most kindly. I often see my plants and other things that I have in personalities, for they are like that in some very strange ways.

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  3. Hi from Anne. I wish I could show you the photos, but those rose bushes were actually at an old mobile home where I used to live. One did grow huge though. It was kind of amazing. One of my old dogs died I think of cancer, and I had her cremated. Anyway, I honored her memory by feeding the ashes to the roses. It was so amazing, for I felt she showed her soul to me to let me know she had led a happy life. A rose suddenly came up on one of the bushes, and it was the biggest and longest lasting and most beautiful glowing rose I ever saw. It lasted almost two whole weeks, and I knew then that my dog wanted to let me know she was happy and had led a very happy life. I have a lot of stories about plants doing strange things. They can be truly amazing sometimes. Thank you kindly and have a good week.


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