What would Your Ideal Presidential Candidate Look Like?

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I have a challenge for you, but there are rules that absolutely have to followed or you will be removed from this post.

I would like you to describe your ideal (not any living or real person but your ideal) president. You cannot use names of any existing or dead president or other living or dead person, but just qualities you think would make a fantastic president. No swearing, no mentioning of any political party. What we are looking for here is the makings of an ideal president. In this post, you get to create your ideal hero for our country.

So now I will give you an example of my own to help you know exactly what we are looking for.

My ideal for a president would be a person of integrity, and a person who would care more about principles than money and who would serve this country even without a salary. This person would put first the health, welfare and safety of the people of the United States. The person would actually get out into communities throughout the United States and see them for what they are and what they are not, and looks for ways to help the States try to fix those issues. My ideal president would meet with the Department of Justice, the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, the Department of Defense, and this president would encourage all of these important institutions to come up with a list of the issues we face, and what might be done to help resolve them not only for the United States, but for other countries as well. My ideal president would act always first and foremost to protect the Constitution of the United States. My ideal president would encourage young people (teens in high schools and younger) to form groups to come up with ideas to help solve the issues that are faced in this country and would have these young people meet in national events to present their ideas. The young people would be encouraged to serve on continuing committees that would provide input to the president to help put their ideas into action.

OK, I have shown you how I would write such an assignment, and I expect yours to be in keeping with positive ideas of your own, no characters or specific problems mentioned (we already know all of those), but how the president might serve in an honorable and successful way.

I think this might prove very interesting for us all, and I look forward to hearing your views from your perspectives such as being disabled, being homeless or low-income and what you would hope that an ideal president might work to resolve. Thank you one and all very kindly.