Wild and Endangered . . .

Orphaned baby burro being cared for at Donkeyland.

I love wild burros or donkeys. They are beautiful creatures, and very personable. They show feelings for their family members, gathering around a newborn baby burro and putting their heads up in the air to bray. Once when we drove through Reche Canyon in Southern California (about 35 minutes away from where we live), we stopped off the main road through there so that I could see the burros better. As soon as we were stopped, a family of a father, mother and two babies came up to the car on my side. The mother pushed the babies, one at a time, over to the window and allowed me to pet each of them and then she and the father turned the children and they began to walk slowly away.

Bob Barker, 95 years old, founder of Donkeyland Rehab and Rescue Center

We were glad to learn that Bob Barker, who is a genuine animal lover and who has provided rescue for many creatures, started Donkeyland. Before this, the donkeys, wandering wild through the canyon, had no fencing between them and the road through, and frequently got hit, breaking their legs or worse, and often resulting in their needing to be put down.

Injured donkeys Bambi and Gabriel, Soulmates arriving at Donkeyland for rehab.

We can truly be happy that someone is caring about these creatures and making sure they are going to be safe. The rehab and rescue center is bring more of the wild burros regular, either injured or those who get rounded up to make sure they don’t get wounded.

Donkey getting ready to enjoy his fresh water trough.
A good bunch of rescued burros.
How can you not love this creature?

If you like the wild burros and would like to help, you can go on Donkeyland.org and see more photos, as well as to contribute in some small way. Thank you kindly.