About Me

Anne Copeland, published author/artist/advocate for physically/developmentally/emotionally challenged children and adults and significant other, Richard McCoy, all around accomplished hero.

Hi from Anne Copeland, and yes, Richard and I do not have the same last names, but he is my husband. I already had books published before I got together with Richard, so I kept my name that I use professionally. He is the love of my life, and I am his caregiver part of the time for his partial disabilities.

Books – Well, since I mentioned it, yes, I am published in some older poetry books whose names I honestly don’t remember and I have likely printed the poems on my blog here over time. Then what started as an effort to assist physically challenged fiber artists (also sometimes referred to as art quilters) via a nonprofit I started with my long-time friend, Barbara Williamson, to help them get reasonable or free assistance with exposure for their work and to teach them professional development as well, ultimately became a book, Artful Alchemy: Physically Challenged Fiber Artists Creating.

I also have a book that was first published in 1986, and is now out again on Amazon.com in its third issue, shown below.

Pumpkin, Pumpkin:: Folklore, History, Planting Hints and Good Eating by [Copeland, Anne]

I have pretty much done this kind of work all my life, even when I have had other businesses and careers. Sometime in the 1970’s my younger brother and only sibling came home from Vietnam 100% disabled with a TBI, a spinal injury, permanent PTSD, and likely exposure to Agent Orange as well. It gave me the heart to do what work I have done pretty much the rest of my life.

I am not very interested in new material things. I have never had a new car, and kept most of the cars I have had for around 18 – 26 years. I will stand up for the homeless, the special needs people, or anyone else who is struggling to live peacefully and to help others, while trying to make something of their lives. I have always been an advocate for the rights of others, and against bullying in any form. I have taught illiterate adults to read, and I still tutor children and adults in reading and other subjects. I pretty much say what I think and think what I say. And you can also count on being my friend for life if we become friends unless we lose touch because of moves, if one of us passes on, or similar life circumstances.

I love to create things with my hands, and that includes art quilts, various forms of art including the experimental. Everything I create comes from my spiritual side or it comes from my sense of humor and curiosity (like my boob quilts) or something that speaks to a cause. This is pretty much what my blog is all about. Like me, it isn’t very fancy, just full of heartfelt memories and thoughts that challenge me from day to day.

Thank you one and all for visiting my blog, and I look forward to getting to know you better. If you have a blog, please be sure I have information about it. I like to help all of you as well as publishing myself, and I will do that from time to time as I am able.