A Universe in a Minute

And that is enough.

Moment after moment,

the winds of time blow steadily.

Whether the winds will be strong,

tearing away what has been built before,

or gentle winds that quietly

add grain upon grain of sand,

we cannot know.

But our inner universe

Records it all, building its own layers

Of all that ever has been, and all that can ever be.


15 thoughts on “A Universe in a Minute

    1. Patty, One thing I will always remember about you is what a truly beautiful soul you have, and what a huge heart to help others. It is truly an honor and pleasure to know you and I am so sorry that my ugly side got the best of me in earlier times. I am trying to cure that, and a lot of it comes from stress of trying to deal with local bullies, but nothing makes bullying of anyone right, even if we have been, or are being bullied. Peace and blessings always, Anne


      1. Anne, it has not been so long ago but I was in a dark place mentally. I completely understand what you were going through at that time, and it is forgiven and forgotten.
        We only have the moment that we are in. And the moment that we can plan to walk into later. We need not look backward except to learn from our mistakes. You have done this I have done this and so we must go forward.
        Love and blessings to you always.
        All is well. All is well. All manner of things are well.

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  1. Happy new year Ann & hope you are well. Thinking about you yesterday as I saw Mandala post on my blog list.
    I remember we had chats about them.
    In Gambia again where last time I used my finger labyrinth, not this time. Must revisit my blog. Hope you are well x

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    1. Oh yes, we sure did, and once my significant other, Richard and I get moved hopefully to a town in Arizona, I want to make another mandala, this one with Southwest motifs. I still love them always. I love the finger labyrinths as well. A friend made me a little finger labyrinth on a bag, and I can carry that around with me. She is my friend of many (more than 17 years I think) and she is a paraplegic living in California also, and yet she and I have never met in person. She makes wonderful things to help herself make a little money with her art and she is a pretty amazing artist.

      Wow, Gambia. How are things there? I hope all is well with you and thank you for the Happy New Year too. I wish the same for you and many, many more. You look lovely in your photo, a picture of good health.

      Peace and blessings always, Anne


      1. Hi Ann,
        Glad things going well for you and hope your house move goes well when sorted.
        Thank you for the compliment re my pic. Thank God I am keeping well and learning how to look after myself better (emotionally). Really enjoying word press & contacts made although sporadic.
        A bag finger labyrinth sounds wonderful & your friend also sounds a wonderful person.
        Gambia is good but temp 34-36 last few days n tiring. Here 3 Dec 2019-6 April.
        Take care 🙂❤️

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    1. Thank you so kindly, Roberta. That is greatly appreciated. It is difficult to be creative when we are under severe stress, and this is one of those times, but hanging in there. We all get to experience it one time or another.

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