In a Strange World

Courtesy Pixabay

I looked out into the endless sky that met with the sea

And wondered if perhaps the sky

Might have swallowed the sea,

Or perhaps the Sea was devouring the sky.

And I wondered what the navigators of ships of old

Must have thought as they witnessed

This incredible sight.

Did they fear closing on the horizon only to find

It expanding beyond their imagination?

Did they begin to question where daylight began and night fell?

Did they wonder

About the birds above?

Were they falling from the ocean?


18 thoughts on “In a Strange World

  1. Here is a poem from my Conundrum collection somewhat along the same lines.

    Conundrum 7
    What goes around must come around,
    what’s hidden must emerge,
    the shape of things to come is seen
    when standing on the verge.

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      1. After a Visit to my Childhood Home
        The walls are papered with layers of memories.
        How many ghosts clothed in their years
        walk through these rooms?
        What I remember is a fraction
        Of what has sifted through time.

        Dust motes hover–bits of memory.
        Innumerable silent footfalls
        echo journeys from there to here.
        I perceive today framed by yesterday,
        as yet unchanged by tomorrow.
        Tasha Halpert

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    1. Thank you so kindly, Jennie. I was thinking how much fun it would be to start a poem with a simple last word like swing, sky, or any of the simple words the children would understand and see if each child can add a line with a word they know that rhymes. This would be a good exercise for them and it would really get them thinking and understanding rhymes. Thank you again always. You are a breath of spring air!


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