Days Like This

Looking at my posts, I realize that I have been neglecting to post to my own blog or to others. Then I look at what is going on in my life. My tiniest dog, a rescue who had a really horrible life before I found and brought him home. He had to have a major surgery to remove 12 of his teeth and 4 fistulas (holes in the mouth from teeth he has already had). Even there, he is not done, for he is a senior fellow, and he needs more oral surgery but our financial well is running dry. He also has kidney failure, likely from the teeth that were bad before we found and rescued him. I know he belonged to a drug person before, and there is no way that person is ever getting him back. So Mama (as I consider myself to my five chihuas and one cat and two goldfish) is cooking healthy food for the kiddos.

Then there is the man of my life, Richard, my significant other, who has had two cervical surgeries, and both have more or less failed, so the doctor was talking more surgeries, but I am taking him someplace else for another opinion of what can be done to help him. We will likely go to the VA since he is a vet, and he does have an attorney for a VA disability as well as being caused by his work since getting out. Anyway, I can only do so much to help each of my beloved ones.

I had a sore spot on the other previously non-cancerous breast, so I got a ultrasound, and now my doc is calling me as I think they want me to have a biopsy and it does show something irregular.

Now we are getting (or trying to get) a home on our own land – nothing expensive or fancy, but just comfortable, in Arizona. So looking at all the homes and telling the hubster all about them and getting hopes up for us both. And then I am starting to pack up things we don’t need, and I am redoing my file cabinet and also some nice chairs that I got for free that need work.

But at the end of each day, I stop and thank the Gods and spirits all for all the inspiration I encounter every single day in posts and the friendships I have built over the years. And especially to tell everyone I love how much they are loved. I don’t think the animals understand my words, but they definitely understand the things I do for them and the tones I use to talk to them. I never go to sleep no matter how tired I am until I tell everyone (pets and hubster) how much they are loved and give them all kisses. Life moves back too fast sometimes, and it is good to slow down and remember all the wonderful things we have learned in this life, the people we have loved, and to be sure to tell them all while we still can. I think of all the people who did hurt me, some very seriously physically and mentally, but I would not have the heart for others if I could not thank them at least in my soul for making me the person I am today. I have long believed we cannot really know compassion for others unless we have been through some life challenges, each one of us.

Today I went out in my side yard and I was so surprised and happy to see the whole yard full of beautiful wild violets blooming happily from the rain we have had. These are going with me along with the wild mint in my yard when we get moved. As I am looking around at this tiny and m0dest mobile home, I remember all the things I have put into it to make it a genuine home.

I have lived a very full life, and I want each and every one of you how much you have contributed to my life. I truly feel wealthy in a way that no gold or silver can ever buy. Consider that you each have received genuine thanks and love from me always. Thank you my friends.


26 thoughts on “Days Like This

  1. HI Anne, I am sorry to read about your hubby’s on-going challenges and hope you get some good news soon. The biopsy is rather scary and I pray for a good outcome for you with that result. Keep looking after your furbabies and keep us updated.

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    1. Hi Roberta, We are managing as we all do our good challenges, and I have no regrets. The other night I fell asleep in bed before my hubster came in from watching his wrestling. When he came and I kept sleeping he leaned over and asked me if I was going to give him his kisses. I woke right up and of course did. I have been through both his challenges before and also my own and I think that we are going to make it through anything that comes up. We are up to the challenge. Peace and many blessings and thanks, Anne


  2. Anne, I have missed seeing you here, but it seems like life has kept you very busy. I will hold good thoughts for both you and Richard. Love, when it comes down to it, is really all we have. Be blessed, my friend.

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  3. Aw your poor doggo. And Richard, I do hope he’s able to get some more options and support from the next specialist, fingers crossed. As for yourself, I’m so sorry about the ultrasound. It’s always worrying when something comes up that’s out of the ordinary and then you have to have more tests, more waiting.. If they do want you to get a biopsy, I hope it’s done asap so you can get it out of the way and know what’s going on. I really, really hope it’s nothing, or that it’s benign.

    Good luck with the house-related stuff. It’s a lot to manage all at once with everything else going on. You’re right, it’s good to slow down sometimes. Life can get overwhelming and then it’s zooms by while we’re caught up being busy or worried or stressed, or all three.

    Sending much love to you, and to Richard and the furbabies. Please do take good care of yourself and know all of us here reading this are thinking of you, Anne  ♥

    Caz xxxxxx

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    1. Thank you so kindly, Caz. I was thinking how we do the things our doctors tell us to take and do, and then a medicine warning comes about that medication. Seems like the best things to do are healthy eating, some amount (whatever can be tolerated), and then trying to keep good spirits on top of things.

      Yes, I rescued Little Man chihuahua last year in January when we had really bad rains. There he was at our mobile home park dumped by a drug user I had met at a garage sale back when and she was trying to get rid of him then, but we had 5 dogs at the time and also a cat and two goldfish, so I could not take him. But when he showed up at our park, I immediately brought him in and warmed him up and gave him meds. He is a senior dog and mostly deaf and going blind. But we have loved him and he and the other 4 dogs that are left now (one passed on from seizures suddenly) and he was old too. Anyway, he had to have 12 of his teeth out and he is very sweet. He has kidney failure from all his poor care before, so I am cooking holistically for him and the other dogs and the cat now. They all eat the same things I fix them and they love my cooking, so it should take good care of them.

      As for Richard, I will just do whatever I can to help him always. I think moving to Arizona will be good for all of us. This mobile home park is very stressful living and stress doesn’t help anyone’s health. I wish you the best too so that you can have a long and creative life full of joy. I have worked with gals for years in a small nonprofit I started to assist artists with physical challenges, so I have dealt with all kinds and degrees of physical ailments and challenges. We taught them professional development as well as helping them with exposure for their work. One lady, a very good friend of mine for perhaps the whole 15 years or so, died this past year after dealing with cancer and other related things for all those years. She kept creating and exhibiting her art quilts right up until she passed on. She lived in Israel.

      I think even if we have different illnesses, we can all enjoy a level of life if we don’t give up. Seeing it first hand, I know that is true, and I wish you the very best for all the years to follow. Hugs and blessings, Anne

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  4. I appreciate you so much, Jennie. You are that teacher who inspired me when I was a teenager starting high school. I will remember her as long as I live, and I will remember you too forever. Wish you could clone yourself.

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  5. Thinking of you Anne, and praying that you are okay. You spread so much love and light in the world.

    Getting your own home and off where you are now will be awesome… I’m hoping that happens soon…

    Sending hugs and sunshine and strength

    Love, light and glitter

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  6. You are an amazing person and I’m so glad I reached your blog. All the best for the new home and blessed are those who have you to take care of them. May God bless you with health and strength.


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