How the Flamingo Got Its Start

You guessed it! Anne made it!!!

Well, not only did God or The Gods create us (or vice versa) but he (or they) were the most incredible painters in the world. But there was just one little problem or so they believed. Everything they created, the people ate. Now can you imagine having all your art works eaten? So of course they were frustrated, and they all put heads together (which of course stretched across the whole world) and they decided to create one beautiful work together that no one would eat.

And so they created the Flamingo. And you have to admit, aside from some potential poachers somewhere, there are no recipes for Fried Flamingo or Broasted Flamingo, and there are certainly no Kentucky Fried Flamingo Restaurants! Well, see what can happen when the Gods put their heads together?

And that is likely how we got the New Year as well. The Gods figured that the last year was not so great, so perhaps they would create a new one. So here we are on the doorstep of the New Year. Well, the Gods probably know best, or at least they must know better than we do when it comes to taking care of our world and our universe. Don’t worry; be happy! It’s another New Year and a New Start for us all! Hugs and many thanks to all of you who have graced my life in so many wonderful ways! Anne (and the hubster, Richard, and yes, he is one of the McCoys who likely fought the Hatfields!)


9 thoughts on “How the Flamingo Got Its Start

    1. I wish you and Stuart and your sons and Steve too all the best of the New Year, even if you do eat Flamingos (chuckles). Where on earth do they get Flamingos in England or other areas in the U.K.? Wow, what a shock!!! I can’t even imagine Flamingos wanting to live in the cold and damp weather. Of course, I guess things could be worse; it is nice and warm in an oven!!! Chuckles. I am trying to get back to studies again. Our Little Man (rescue chihuahua) has to have a big surgery on the 6th, and Richard has to go see the surgeon on the 8th if we can get his MRIs in time. Having some struggles with that. Other than that, all is good, and we are trying to move forward with getting our title for our home, and also to find a home in Arizona to buy when we get this one sold one way or the other. Peace and blessings, Anne


    1. Thank you kindly, Alethea. It is just a humorous piece that struck me when I received the fabrics in a humor exchange. The object was to make something humorous for someone whose fabric you got. A third party sent it to all of us after they received our fabrics so the recipients did not know who made them. It was just a hoot to make and made me laugh as I just threw pieces together with no design in mind. I just let the fabric fall where it might, and then I thought of what I wanted to write about it. Love making things that don’t get too serious about themselves.


  1. Happy New Year to you and all the fantastic children we have had the pleasure of meeting via your posts. Yes, this is a bit of my humor coming out, and for me, we all need to develop a bunch of appreciation, humor, and compassion for others and for situations!


  2. You too, Kim. I hope that everything goes well for you and yours in this coming year. Let it be a good one, and if not, let us have the foresight and strength to make it good. Anne always


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