Success Is Not Always a Formula for Happiness

Anne’s Art Quilt on Virginia Woolf
Winter Rain (to Virginia Woolf) from Lynda McKinney Lambert's book: Star Signs: New and Selected Poems
Recent memories
Solitary warnings
and time together.
There are no copies.
Hair dyed the reddest red.
I should make a note
And send it to myself.
Success and failure
are a soup not right
in someone else's house.
I'll write about what I know
Tuck it in a book
by Elizabeth Barret Browning.
There's no plot
There is no conversation
as she walked into the ocean
to express a story--
avery big house
slowly falling apart
bare trees celebrate
the winter rain.
We are going for a walk
when the first snow falls.
It is impossible to tell about a conflict--
trees, winter's breeze, and survival.


5 thoughts on “Success Is Not Always a Formula for Happiness

  1. Patty, how nice to see this posted today. I had not seen it yet myself, so I was very pleased to see it here. I love this quilt by Anne Copeland – and what a perfect combination to put it with my poem, which is dedicated to the memory of one of the most outstanding women writers of all time.
    I love this poem, and never really shared it until I decided to put it in my latest book, Star Signs: New and Selected Poems, which just came out this summer.
    My books can be seen on my blog page- Lynda’s books – at:

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    1. Dear Lynda, I will always be a total fan of your writing. Your depth of understanding of memory, nature, and all things good in this world, as well as an understanding of the tragedies in life is incredible. I love the way you think and express yourself. It always amazed me that you could express yourself in such colorful ways despite issues with a unique form of blindness. Thank you for sharing such beauty and understanding with all of us.


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