Introducing My Friend,Lynda McKinney Lambert

Lynda from an upcoming poetry book, First Snow.

I have known Lynda for many years now. She suffered a sudden loss of sight in 2007 from something called Ischemic Optic Neuropathy. Despite this loss, she is a fantastic artist working with beads, and you can see some of her work on her site, She is also on Facebook. And as you can see, she is also an author – a prolific one, and her writing is full of inspiration and appreciation of nature, people, and weather. A former professor in Pennsylvania, she first turned to her hand work when she became blind, and soon after began to write based on her memory of everything she remembered from her senses.

I am honored to share a taste of her writing with you here.

Song of the Goldenrod from Star Signs by Lynda McKinney Lambert

In my dreams, some afternoons drift randomly
almost without notice
entangled in the filtered dapples of sunlight
flowing on woodland path
subdued --even more than usual.

Today is remarkable
Twilight came early.

Faint nocturnal music
like the glisten of amethyst crystals,
is familiar. Welcome.

I step onto the first rung
of a weather-worn silvery-gray ladder
poised in the middle
of the tree-lined path
With a heave of my body
I begin the upward climb into the cloudy mist
The earth disappears below me.
No end in sight. The ladder swings in wide arcs,
unattached to anything above me
I breathe deeply with the realization of imminent peril
Obscure. At the apex of
s septuagenarian decade--
my eyes grow dim in the mist.

Faint nocturnal music
like the glisten of amethyst crystals,
is familiar. Welcome.

My memory is sharp
Oh! The fear of plunging.

I remember yesterday's bright sunlight
offered clear focus like a citrine stone
a contrast to murky prophecies
I hear in the changing ocean tides
The lively sonata of midday skies
responds to the muted notes of night stars.
Time is temporal. Immeasurable.

Our last summer dance is coming to a conclusion
I can feel the music as I twirl amid the changing
landscape of late-blooming Goldenrod.
Saffron-yellow blossoms spring from
leaf-covered woody stems.
These wild perennials are higher than my head.
I reach out--touch
edges of long, slender leaves
velvety textures, delicate-scented buds.

I watch for the Solar Eclipse to begin at noon
over the meadow and along the churing streams.
Tiny slivers of yellow labradorite sunshine shimmers
over the fields of Goldenrod
in my small shard of Appalachian foothills.

An inner cry urges me--
"Dance again."
"Dance again!"

My friend, Lynda McKinney Lambert is published via, and you can find more about her books at Her e-mail is:


13 thoughts on “Introducing My Friend,Lynda McKinney Lambert

    1. I thank you so kindly for sharing a little piece of my story!
      Thank you, to Anne, my friend, who has so graciously shared my poems today, also.
      My themes are memory, nature, beauty, and awareness of our life pilgrimage.
      I will re-blog this tribute and the wonderful photo of Anne’s quilts on my blog today!
      So pleased to do that – share the happiness.

      You can visit Lynda’s Books Page at:

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      1. I definitely have still another soul sister in you, Lynda. I am glad that there are those of us who get to meet each other and discover the beauty, kindness, and awareness we are given to enhance our journey through this, our life’s path. Thank you so kindly. Keep writing. You truly have a beautiful gift to give to the world.


    1. This book is one that is going to be page worn for sure. I love it so much, and love the poems in it because I can relate to every single one of them. There is so much depth and spiritual understanding of life and nature and our journey through it. So I am thrilled to have another book to fill my soul whenever it needs a refill to remind me to always keep my face to the sun, or to let the rain fall softly on me. Thank you a million times over.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to read my poems and for the lovely article on your blog.
    Isn’t life wonderful when we find common ground and can touch lives as we do through our writing and our art making! I say “YES’ and Amen. Lynda


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