Cycle of Life II

Milkweed plants one week after being devoured by Monarch Caterpillars

I could not believe my eyes when a week after the Monarch Caterpillars totally ate every single leave of the two plants that have also propagated themselves in several other places in the yard, and within one week, they have all come back, bigger and fatter leaves than before.

Sometimes we just need to believe that this old world will continue as it has been doing for thousands of years. Yes, I am not so naive as to believe that we do not have things like climate and environmental changes that are affecting the world. I am sure that some of the things have been happening since the beginning. I believe most sincerely that many changes in cultures have taken place because of the inability of human beings to adjust to the changes successfully. Some of the changes I am not certain humans could have adapted to very successfully such as the ice ages that took place, or perhaps the plagues. But at the same time, mankind DID in fact exist before AND after those things, so perhaps it was an accident that they survived, and perhaps they adapted more than we think they did.

Today a lot of psychology is used to convince us of this potential thing or the other thing, much as the whole world was set to collapse with the coming of the year 2000, is about to happen to us and there are more books and talks, etc. by all kinds of people telling us what we need to do to survive. And of course it IS fully possible that this thing or that thing could cause total destruction of our world at any given time, but the truth is if that happens, I don’t think we need to worry about it anymore.

If, like the cycle of life that I witnessed in my Milkweed plants, this old world goes on, why not just continue to do what makes sense and stop worrying about destruction or the rest of the “what if’s”. When and if they happen, we will deal with them as we need to then, and we will hopefully learn from our mistakes. There is really no guarantee either way.

Enjoy the moment. Appreciate the air we breathe. Look for the beauty all around us. Find miracles in the everyday events. Remember not to always worry about tomorrow because the reality is that when tomorrow comes, it will also be today. Tomorrow is just a way to avoid being fully alive today. Trust, because trust really is something that can benefit us all. I am glad I trusted those caterpillars eating the Milkweed plants and gave the world a chance to do what it does best. Someday I know those Monarch butterflies will show up, and when they do I will be glad that I gave the world and myself this gift.


24 thoughts on “Cycle of Life II

  1. Enjoy the moment. I like that. Because when all is said and done, that is all we have–this moment. We do not have the moment just past and we don’t yet have the moment to come. In one of my movies a statement is made that fits in with this. One of the characters said, “You can’t live in the past because that will mean tomorrow will be no different. You can’t live in the future because you will miss today. You must live in the present, the moment that you have.” That is not the exact words, but as close as I can remember. And it is so true. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. God bless.

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    1. Thank you kindly for your good wisdom, and it is so appreciated to read all these wonderful comments. This is what life is all about. I am so glad there are good people like you in this world. Thank you again for all you are now and all you can be. Enjoy.


  2. As always I love your posts. Do you follow the blog life is a garden by Michelle? Coz I think you’d like it. Both your blog’s are whatever words I’ve already used. Peaceful.

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    1. I know I just got one that was beautiful about Doors, and I felt like I just found another of my long-lost soul sisters like you. Yes, we all need that, don’t we. Sort of like the good fertilizer for life-enhancement!!!

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      1. I think it’s
        I’m writing it out not copying it so hopefully I’m right and I’ll try copy and paste when I’m home.


    1. You are a very wise person also, Carol as always. Yes, it is good to give the earth a helpful hand, but it has survived a lot of abuse over the many years of human evolution. I was thinking that perhaps people forget about the atom bomb, and the many tragedies with nuclear reactors, etc. and it has survived that though the people who lived through those things may not have. I so agree with you. I hope that you are doing well too. I am surviving and managing to do a little, but not as much as before. I so loved my art, but setting up to work and getting to it now with being a caregiver most of the time makes it so difficult, so now I am turning my attention to what I can do. I hope that you are doing well too. We have to take care of our bodies if we want to live long lives, and I know you do a good job of that for sure. My favorite season is approaching, so trying to get geared up for that. Enjoy!!!

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    1. As always, thank you so kindly Len! You made my day! Yes, as we grow older, we come to appreciate new things that are so different from the things we enjoyed and appreciated when we were much younger. It is as though we have lived many lives for sure. I know I have. Have a wonderful autumn!!! My favorite time of all and then winter and then spring!!! Whoo hooo!!!

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  3. Anne as always wise words…I do think we need to be more mindful of plastic as sea life suffers horribly but as to the end of the world is nigh I don’t believe it is…Like you, I believe it will carry on as it always has we just need to give it a helping hand in some areas and not take our beautiful world for granted …I hope you are well 🙂 x

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  4. Beautifully said, Anne. Your philosophy is spot on for people to live a happy, fulfilling life. It seems that we don’t come to fully understand that until we’re older. I so enjoy your words of wisdom. Thank you.

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    1. Ditto for your wonderful words of wisdom you always come up with too, Jennie. Yes, I was just thinking how even though we might lose our abilities to do some of the things we used to do (in my case, starting to work on my art seems too ponderous these days with all the other things I am trying to do), we still have that appreciation and joy of the evolution of our world every day, and the evolving of our own selves too. I appreciate things now that I might not have as much when I was younger. So it isn’t so bad to grow older after all.

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    1. Thank you so kindly, Bette. I am so glad to meet you too and glad you checked out the post. We learn something new every single day! Peace and blessings for us and for the Monarchs! Aren’t we fortunate to be able to witness such wonderful things?

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