A River Runs Through It

Art Quilt By Anne Copeland, Painted, Collaged and Machine Quilted

It was a warm summer day and my mother and I were up in the mountains of New Mexico, in a place called Ruidoso, which today is a big tourist place. But in those days, it was just a quiet little burg, and we went to stay in a cabin there owned by someone we knew. I remember one of the few times when my mother was actually glad to share some moments of peace with me. I am not sure my brother was born yet, but I don’t think so; I think my father was overseas still, one of the many times he would be sent there as he was in the Army then.

I intentionally did not paint my mother’s face or mine; I just wanted to capture a moment in my memory when faces were not important. I knew she was my mother, and as we sat there with our feet dangling in the water, there was nothing else that needed to be done or said. It was a moment shared, and one I was able to remember through my life. Such moments would be gone forever when my father returned. Our father did take us places for dinner or Sunday rides, or sometimes to see a movie, but the time would never again be like this one.

Life is short, often too short, and I think perhaps this was the one moment in time I will always remember as the time I treasure. I am not sure what happened in my family, but it was as though the whole world changed overnight once my father came back, this time perhaps from Korea. I hold onto that image in my mind, and I often wish I could remember the wonderful scent of those pine trees, and the way the breeze blew. But all I have now is the memory of a life, and the way a river runs through it.


29 thoughts on “A River Runs Through It

  1. That is really touching to read about your husband too, Felicia. I know exactly what you mean from such a huge loss. You sound like a very lovely and good-hearted person, and I hope you will do well in your feelings and memories for the future. I think losing a beloved one has to be the hardest thing in the world to have to deal with. I wish you well for all the years to follow, and I mean that most sincerely. Peace and blessings, Anne

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  2. What a beautiful memory and having the quilt to memorialize that day is such a blessing. I have always believed the little intimate moments held close to our hearts are what sustain us in our life. I feel something special when I see your beautiful artwork. You have an amazing talent, Anne.

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  3. Thank you so kindly, Maggie, and as one artist to another, I wish I could make art as beautiful as what you create. I just make what is in my heart or mind at the time. Thank you again very much. I feel the same way about our special moments in life too.


  4. This is a beautiful memory. And, making a quilt that is stunning is the greatest way to solidify that memory. You are the glass-half-full, Anne. Lucky you! And when you hang onto the good (which you always do), like making a quilt to rememberer something wonderful, it’s like sprinkling fairy dust. Really.

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  5. That is just beautiful, Jennie, and a memorable way to look at life I think. It makes me happy to make things in the ways I want to remember them instead of always exactly as they were. I can change semi-good or not-so-great memories into something beautiful that will make me happy to remember. Some of these quilts have disappeared and I am wondering if they were stolen. I hope not. I have to keep looking. This is one of the ones I don’t know what happened to it. My less than great memory doesn’t help much.


  6. Thank you so kindly, April. I was pleased to see your blog too and I signed up to receive it. I was surprised to see that you to have had some form of cancer as I have in 2016 and here we still are, working away and living life to the fullest. You are an amazing person and a total inspiration to me! Thank you again and I am so happy we are in touch again. Give Wesley our best! He is a wonderful person too!!!


    1. I am so sorry for the delay in response. Undergoing a lot of changes, but hopefully all positive for me and my significant other, Richard, who has had 2 cervical surgeries in 2 years without success, and now right side of his body is partially paralyzed and he is having spasms in arm at night, so tomorrow we do to doctor to see what they can do to help him (we are not going to spine doctor again for a long while). thank you so kindly for this nice comment. It is very appreciated.


    1. Thank you so kindly, Savvy. And this is one of the pieces that is suddenly missing. I will continue to look, but I have this feeling that like my mother, it is gone forever. Well, things will live on in our hearts and in our memories, and that is good, and I can still make more quilts given the time. I still have tons of fabric!


  7. Yes, creativity has so many avenues if we just close our eyes and allow them. I have truly enjoyed my creative life especially. It is a place where we can go in our minds and see just beauty and change and possibilities. That is a lovely place to be. Love and hugs always, Anne


  8. Thank you kindly, Ally, and it is even more precious for memories now that it is missing with my other fiber art that has apparently been stolen. Well, the good thing is that I can make more still. And hopefully someone will enjoy it.


  9. Thank you kindly. I would love to see your painting. You know, I have looked back on some of my first attempts to make art quilts. I now think of them as sacred because they were so naive and pure – a creative mind being born and so I will always respect them. I hope you do the same with your paintings. It is OK to share your early works, and remember that as a painter or other artist type becomes famous and then as they grow older, and they can no longer perhaps create, their earliest works almost always become the most sought after and the most valuable in terms of money. I hope that anyone that reads this who is a creative soul will remember this true statement. The earliest attempts to express ourselves are the ones that are the most sought after as we become well known and then when we can no longer do the same work. So treasure every early attempt to create. It is the stem from which all our creativity branches out.


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