Death – Just What is It Really?

Death Journal Quilt – 8-1/2 x 11″ by Anne Copeland. Reverse Applique and Painting with Hand Stitching.

I read somewhere on the Internet today that Johnny Lang, a well-known and talented musician, had presumably committed suicide. He was not very old, and it got me to thinking about this thing we call death.

Actually, I am doing some wonderful studies (I am in my second year) with this school out of England, The Silent Eye Mystery School. You can look it up, and the studies are by correspondence and special events that take place in the U.K. for those who are able to attend them. The people who founded this amazing school are Steve Tanham, Sue Vincent, and Stuart France. They are all well-published authors with many books out. In a short time, I believe that Steve Tanham will be giving a talk on that very subject. I won’t write more about it because if you are interested in knowing more about the school and what they teach, you can look them up on Facebook, and many other areas of the Internet. All I can say is that it has majorly changed my life and the way I think about life and death, spirituality and many other things in general.

When I was growing up, the challenges I faced were overwhelming, especially as a child, and death then seemed like a friend. For me in my youth, it seemed like a way to go to sleep and be in peace, safe from everything that might hurt me any further. I was ten years young the first time I became serious about it and tried to end it. luckily unsuccessfully. I think a lot of folks have thought about it like this.

The reality of death is that we really don’t know what it is or what it means. We have many ideas about it, and for most of us, it seems very permanent. Some believe we will end up in another place which some call Heaven, and perhaps others call Nirvana but that is something that people can hope is truth. Still others believe that we go to a place called Purgatory, between Heaven and Hell whatever we choose to think those places are. It is not my intention to insult anyone with what I am writing about here. I am simply exploring the ideas that exist and I hope that everyone will remain open-minded.

The day my own mother died, I did not know it, but I was out working in my tiny garden. There was a statue there of an angel, and suddenly for no reason, it fell on me, hurting me badly, and I lay there wondering what was going on. And likewise, the day my dad died, I also did not know it, but I fell three times and each time hurt myself badly. Once I stepped out my front door of my mobile home, not remembering my porch was being worked on and there were no steps at the front door, so I fell down. Later I would learn that while my dad was in a nursing home, and had to get up in the night. He fell down more than once also, breaking his hip. He laid there for hours, and when they finally came to get him, they decided just to keep him sedated solidly until he eventually just went to that final sleep.

So I guess in the end, I have no more answers than when I started this column. I guess it inspired this art piece above as I tried to come up with something that made sense. Some deaths seem to come from “natural causes,” while others might come from some form of violence, But is that death itself, or what signals that state? I will be interested to know what others think about death, if they do, and I hope that anyone who writes will be respectful and realize that we all have different ideas, and none of us really know fully what death means. It seems to be something permanent, for I have not known anyone to return again once they really leave, but is that really the end of everything? Thank you all very kindly.


13 thoughts on “Death – Just What is It Really?

  1. ((((Hugs))))
    I don’t think much about death as its triggering. I think death is the entryway to another world where we live without physical bodies, without limit. I’m not sure of very much as it’s stuff I haven’t yet worked through. I don’t know if I believe in souls or how it looks. It’d be connection to the infinty/source without the limit of finite existence.
    Ramble over.
    Happy weekend
    Love light and glitter

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  2. I really love your writing, Eliza. It is honest and I think all of us wonder about these things at times, especially when something happens to bring it closer to us. Thank you so much for the good response. Happy weekend to you too and I hope we don’t melt here in Yucaipa, CA in the 100+ heat. Well, we can get all our eggs cooked without fuel at least.

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  3. Your quilting is remarkable and beautiful. I think you are gifted with an open mind and heart. Those gifts are precious and allow you to see and feel in ways that others cannot. Sue Vincent is one of my favorite bloggers. Best to you, Anne. đŸ™‚

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  4. Death remains a mystery. I have listened to a lot of ndexperiences- I think this life is just a part of a long journey. I do believe in a God more merciful and wise than we can imagine.I think that reincarnation may be a part of our journey, but these are only my thoughts.

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  5. That is a very beautiful and wise response. I think you have a good sense of some of life’s greatest mysteries, and you know, there really are no right and wrong answers. It is sort of like the issue of the soul. What is it and where does it come from? Animals don’t seem to have souls, or at least not as we think we know them, but then we don’t exactly speak their languages, nor do they speak ours, even though at times we believe we can communicate with them. And apparently mankind in general has been pondering these things since the beginning of time. In the end result, we may never know, or we may never know, just as there are a lot of simple little everyday things I still don’t understand. I have wondered if we are just here to try to learn some of these mysteries and to spend time trying to figure out what it means to be a human being. Thank you most kindly.

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    1. I don’t have any pets, but I’m sure dog lovers over the centuries have been upsetif the local vicar suggested their dog was not going to be waiting in heaven for them! It is fascinating that dogs and perhaps a few other creatures can communicate with an autistic child when its own parents can’t.
      But I have no answers to your question, except that the baby in the womb cannot possibly imagine the wonderful rich life that awaits him, nor can we imagine what’s beyond this life; if it’s nothing then we will never know what it was all about!

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  6. I don’t think about death or if there is anything after death. I think it’s more important to get on with life the best we can. Though I suspect at the moment of my death, if I know I am going to die, there would be some form of anticipation or expectation of what comes next. Thought provoking blog Anne.

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  7. Our life force is energy, vibrations and frequencies! That’s a fact!

    So! When we die, our body decays. Yes!?

    But what about our life force?

    Per the LAW of Thermodynamics, energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed.

    Into what is the $64,000

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  8. You are so right on, and I remember that from Einstein I believe. Love the way your mind works, and also I too am convinced that our life force is like the energy of the entire universe, and that it DOES in some manner into something else. I have never believed that the life force of a human being is something that is always there as we are forming, or that if it is, as you are noting, it is energy, vibrations and frequencies. We are definitely on the same page on this one. And that is an excellent ending – into what? How do we transition from flat to three-dimensional thinking, and then into abstract thinking? There are so many questions and so many potential possibilities, and we may never fully understand it all in this lifetime and this dimension. Thank you so much for the great response. You made my day!!!


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