Standing Tall

“Strength”by Anne Copeland

Life doesn’t always give us strength when we need it most. We may be ill ourselves and still have to take care of our significant other. Or perhaps we have to deal with legal issues that we are ill equipped financially or otherwise to deal with. Or a child has run away, or gone missing. There are as many things as we have to deal with as we could come up with, sometimes multiple issues at the same time.

When my significant other came home from a major cervical surgery, I was ill and had been for months with chronic bronchitis. He was not ready to be released without some form of nursing care or rehab; he could not lift his own body up from bed as his right arm was paralyzed, and he could not cut up his own food to prevent choking, or to even bathe himself or use the bathroom by himself. I am sure there are others who have been in the same situation with loved ones.

Each day I dragged myself out of bed, and did whatever was necessary to help him. During this time, I also had to get him to multiple medical appointments and back to the spinal clinic in another town about an hour away. As we were about to enter the clinic one day, I suddenly remember the lights going out and falling on my face in the dirt. Luckily some good folks came and helped me back up; my significant other could not possibly help me and he was clearly upset and terrified. My nose still feels as though it was broken and I hit my head pretty hard, and hurt my knees as well. Other than going to emergency and waiting for perhaps 10 – 12 hours, I chose to just try to make the best of it all. I cannot leave my significant other at this time.

The fault is not that of his doctors or mine. It is the Medicare and MediCal insurance that is not giving us what we need. When I had a bad infection, even though the medication was prescribed by a specialist, I could not get it for two weeks because the Pharmaceutical Department of the insurance had to approve it as it was not covered. In my younger years, I was a Regulatory Compliance Specialist for a major pharmaceutical company that made plasma derivative products, so I guess I know a little bit about that issue. During the two weeks that I was ill, the infection got worse, resulting in my still being ill after a couple of months. I file grievances on both issues, and I will follow through on it even though I am still having a difficult time as is my significant other.

The point is not to tell my own story for others to feel sorry for me. The point is that sometimes we have to stand tall when we are feeling weak. We need to remember that even though it is not easy, we have to stand up for our rights, and for those of others. No one said this life would be a bowl of cherries; there are challenges every single day of one type or another. And we don’t need to lose our love of life and the world. We need to remember that when we have our worst challenges, there are always others who are far worse off. Try to help someone else who is worse off than you are, at least giving them words of hope if nothing else. And try to stay strong in the face of many barriers to everyday life. Remember that no challenge lasts forever. STRENGTH is our friend.


20 thoughts on “Standing Tall

  1. Oh, Anne, I am so sorry to read this. Was your fall recent? It sounds that way.

    Yes, our insurance and healthcare is a mess. Especially as we decline in age and need it more than ever. I send you uplifting thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery for you both.

    I am glad you are fighting.

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    1. Thank you Maggie. Yes, it was recent, and I still have wounds but I will be ok, and I am more concerned about Richard as his is very serious, and it seems like we have had one thing after another. Thanks again, and I appreciated your concern. Anne


      On Tue, Jul 9, 2019 at 10:29 AM All in a Day's Breath wrote:


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  2. Thank you kindly, Maggie. Unfortunately, it was recent, and I am still trying to manage Richard and my own self healthwise, and it is definitely a challenge. On top of that, our mobile home park is a mess thanks to our slumlord owners, and I am trying to get some way to take care of that too. It is a major bunch of issues, and one of the issues involves the owners holding our title and registration when I have long since paid off my home, and the other is that they are essentially committing elder abuse by swearing at us repeatedly when we try to call them and telling us that WE have to fix their issues. Yes, as we decline in age, the problems begin to mount up. We have to keep fighting or things will get worse and worse.

    Thank you for the nice note. Peace and blessings, Anne

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  3. Oh Anne, this touched me deeply.

    Prayers for both you and your loved one –

    The quilt is simply gorgeous and I feel the message being transmitted through it – beauty in the midst of affliction, while striving to be strong in its duration.

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  4. Thank you most kindly, Laura. Life is full of major challenges, and that is just one we are going through at the moment. They are all pretty major and it is very tiring, but I am determined to make progress for both of us and for others who live in our mobile home park for seniors and who are going through similar issues. Thank you again always.

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      1. Thank you so kindly. It isn’t just one thing and I have worked hard all my life to suddenly have to deal with these things when my significant other has a lot of serious physical challenges and illnesses. But I am a strong person and I have stood up to worse than this, so I am up for whatever I need to take care of. I appreciate your kind comments.

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  5. Remember that no challenge lasts forever. STRENGTH is our friend. This is a good thing to remember when we are in the middle of a muddle of any kind. And the Lord is our Strength. We need only Him to see us through, around or over these challenges. God bless you, Anne, and bring healing to you and your significant other. And may His joy be your strength.

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  6. Beautiful post, Anne. Yes, there is always someone worse off than we are, someone who needs our help. Strength can come even when we think we have little left. I do hope you and yours are better. Keep fighting!

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    1. Thank you so kindly, Jennie. At times like this, I think about how comforting it always was to curl up with a good children’s book or some of the best ones for teens. Yes, thank you so much. We spent most of the day at the VA Hospital for Richard today and it was immensely tiring. They were all very nice and supportive and I made sure to acknowledge everyone who helped us. It felt as though we saw hundreds of people. I am positive we did not, but it sure felt like it after awhile. It will work out. I just need to get rest as much as I am able and then try to do things that make me feel peaceful. Peace and blessings, Anne

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    1. Thank you so much. I wish I had some extra money or any money right now to help you out. I know all too well what it takes to try to live and support yourself while remaining the captain of your own ship, which you are doing so well. If I ever get out of some of this difficulty I am going through now, I would be glad to have your help. I wish you the best every day of your life. Anne always


  7. I hope both yourself and Richard’s health improves. I am not from the USA, and when I read stories like this it is just terrible. I like your parting thought and i agree we must stand tall for all sorts of reason. It is the toughest of things to take care of another when you are ill as well, bravo to you for that, it is no small thing. We should always stand tall no matter what.

    I wish you both a speedy recovery and improved health.

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    1. Thank you most kindly. Yes, living in the U.S. is getting really terrible, but I guess there is always someone who is worse off than we are. We will make it; I have been through much worse before. Thank you again for your nice thoughts.

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  8. This is a heartfelt post, Anne. Your writing always is.
    May you and your partner be given the grace and compassion you clearly see in the world.

    I concur that our difficulties are not permanent, so there is that, but I still can’t help but wish your suffering will soon shift to healing. Sending you positive thoughts. 😊

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  9. I am so behind in responding to posts but this one came at a great time and it is so appreciated. It is funny how some days I am strong and can manage things beyond what is necessary, and other days I don’t think I will make it, bt when I am able to read something so wonderful, I cannot begin to say what it means to me. It is definitely important to helping us both in ways you may not imagine. Thank you so kindly.


  10. I am highlighting these lines because they are precious….We need to remember that when we have our worst challenges, there are always others who are far worse off. Try to help someone else who is worse off than you are, at least giving them words of hope if nothing else. And try to stay strong in the face of many barriers to everyday life. Remember that no challenge lasts forever. STRENGTH is our friend.

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  11. That is so true, Savvy, and I love helping others and always have. I was just going through my old files (paper files) and I found a certificate from the Red Cross for being a Candy Striper when I was just 14. That made my soul happy because I remember those people I took care of back then, and it got me through some really difficult times of my own. It is good when we can rise above our own selves and think of others. Thank you for this good message too, Savvy. You are such a beautiful person spiritually and personally! You are very loved by so many of us. Anne

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