Ingredients for Peace

Make Peace, Not War by Anne Copeland

It really isn’t a difficult recipe. In fact, it is probably easier than a recipe for making bread.

Ingredients: Respect, Dignity, Peace of Mind, Liberty for ALL, and throw in Cooperation, Understanding, Open-mindedness, Oneness, and perhaps Sharing. Can you think of any others? Why should these things be so difficult? How could we make them easier for everyone everywhere?

I would love to hear your ideas on how we could bring peace throughout the world while retaining who we all are. Is it possible or a dream that can never happen?


13 thoughts on “Ingredients for Peace

  1. I do not believe we will ever have peace throughout the entire world until the millennial reign of Jesus. We need to be aware that there is a devil who is fighting against everything God desires and against God’s people. That is not a recipe for peace. But nevertheless, if we would put those things into practice on a daily basis, our own world would probably be a better place to live in for us and for those we associate with. Respect, Dignity, Peace of Mind, Liberty for ALL are certainly commendable and needed in this world. God bless you, Anne.

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  2. Eutopia…I don’t think there will ever be peace throughout the entire world…We can make it a better place by our own actions and those actions will likely have an effect on many others, who take up our mantra…I think that the best we can hope for is peace within ourselves and collect a few converts on the way…Peace and blessings, Anne x

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    1. That is a lovely way to put it, and something we can all benefit from, not just in terms of other countries, other cultures, etc., but also just to learn to be compassionate for others, to stop things like bullying, and to help grow our world. Thank you kindly.

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