The Butterfly and the Circle

Circling Butterflies by Anne

Both the butterfly and the circle carry much positive symbolism. And for me, these symbols are especially meaningful. The little caterpillar moves carefully along branches and twigs, filling itself with green leaves and perhaps flowers, and being careful not to fall or get caught in a spider’s web. Generally speaking, the caterpillar has no real defense system, and it is vulnerable to everything around it from the moment it develops from an egg.

But then it begins to build a cocoon, surrounding itself and closing out all that it has known in its brief life. And in this time, it spends in a form of meditation and growth. After a set amount of time, it begins to beat its newly formed wings (a symbol of its transformation) until it is able to slowly release itself from the cocoon. It is no longer in any sense a caterpillar. This newly transformed creature now seeks the nectar of the most beautiful flowers. Its new-found freedom enables it to travel to new locations, even those far away from where it started its life. It has no fear of going where it has never been before. Often a group of butterflies will begin to circle higher and higher into the sky.

Ancient people throughout the world recognized the circle as a symbol of infinity, and of being whole and complete. Spiritual and Religious cultures recognize the circle as a symbol of the female and the feminine energy , and especially of Mother Earth. It represents a fertile and sacred space. In the U.K. and other countries, there are many circles of stones.

The circle also represents a cycle that can be the cycle of life, death and rebirth. It can represent being complete and whole as well. For the Celtics, the circle was a sign of protection, and may be the reason that many early fortresses, temples, crosses and other sacred things were in a circular shape or contained circular motifs. The circle is found in many other cultures and countries throughout the world as well.

As I have noted, my art often contains images or symbols that are sacred to me. The cycle of life, and of completion belongs with the butterfly and its life cycle and my own life.


43 thoughts on “The Butterfly and the Circle

  1. Thank you so much Patty for all that you do so tirelessly for everyone here. I was blind when I first met you, but now I see, and what I see is a beautiful and inspirational human being who is talented and truly so helpful for everyone. You will be remembered by all of us way past your time on this wonderful earth. Thank you most kindly again.

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    1. It must be a common thing. I too used to “fly” at night when I went to bed to escape some of the silent chaos in my home. It was a wonderful thing to be able to glide over houses and valleys and even church steeples. Such a feeling of freedom and everyone was trying to get me, but they couldn’t touch me because I could fly so high. Guess it is a good way for people to feel safe and likely God gives us those wings so that we can live.

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  2. It was a good feeling, wasn’t it? I would always bounce on the bed as I landed. That would be a good topic for one of those tea parties for bloggers like The Little Mermaid does.


    1. I just always imagined that I could fly above the earth, this would allow me the freedom to go where I wanted whether anyone would take me or not.

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  3. What a beautiful post and piece of art!The circle art is deeply meditative as well as healing. I too find myself veering to the circle in art perhaps as it gives a sense of fulfillment in its completeness. ❤🙏❤

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  4. Thank you kindly Patty. I appreciate you so much now that I have changed too. I was reacting to a lot of my past and I have learned more about it now and how it was really making life difficult for me and getting along with others. I wish you nothing but kindness and joy and wellness and success for all your life. Thank you again and I mean that.


    1. Anne, we all of us go through storms in our lives, and those storms can bring much darkness.


      If we’re fortunate, as you and I are, we learn and grow from those experiences, and soon, the darkness is gone, the sun is out, and though other clouds will pass over again from time to time, because of that which we’ve learned we’re able to endure. We’re able to change, and we’re able to grow.

      This is the greatest blessing we can give. Now, our job is to help others find their way through.

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      1. Patty, you are a truly beautiful spirit and an excellent writer and you are wonderful at what you have achieved in your life. If I had known you as I do now, or even known you at all, you would have been one of the artists in our book, and I would have changed the title to include all kinds of artists, for you are truly an artist in the realm of your own art form, that of your writing and your providing excellent service to all those whose lives you have touched. It is truly an honor and a joy to know you anew, for now I see with eyes that are not clouded by my own life challenges and issues.

        I want to apologize for ever having doubted you. It was not you I doubted but me, and also God. For when we doubt, or mistreat another, we are doubting and mistreating God. I am glad my eyes were finally opened so that I could tell you what is in my heart while I am still here to do so. Thank you for being who you are.


      2. WOW! That’s beautiful.

        We were both in bad places in our life, and the saying of, “Today is yesterday’s tomorrow and tomorrow is another day” is true.

        Writing is a form of art, and maybe one day we can do another similar book.

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  5. That is so true, Patty. Yes, writing IS another form of art. It would be a good thing to do a book about people with other types of physical challenges and how they have achieved despite those, Although we did cover a couple of people who are blind in one form or another and also people who are deaf, there must still be other challenges that could be covered. We did have one of someone who died during surgery and was brought back to life, and a person or two with emotional challenges from traumas. What about people who are homeless, but who have managed to create or do good things despite their own challenges? That definitely is not something that has been covered. And by the same token, we have not covered people who must learn to use other parts of their bodies such as the foot artists, etc. And then there are artists who are special needs people – developmentally and perhaps otherwise challenged who still create. I guess the possibilities are endless. I think I am pretty much a nonfiction writer, so this is good. I think some soldiers who create despite things they have suffered like PTSD. At least I know about PTSD first-hand, so that is another area. There are so many wonderful and accomplished people in the world we never hear about, but they are the real heroes, for they not only have to fight to become creative, but to fight the world’s views of them too.

    Well, perhaps one of these days. Right now it is nearly a full-time job trying to take care of Richard, at home following his 5-hour surgery and his right arm now does not work hardly at all. We don’t know what the results of this surgery are going to be, but I told him not to worry. I will take care of him as best as I can, and I am sure that things will work out. Peace and blessings, Anne


    1. Hi.

      There are some anthologies out written by various artists who are disabled.

      Anyhow, I’m sorry to hear about your partner and hope he’s feeling better soon.

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  6. Thank you so much Patty. It is difficult as he has lost use of his right arm and is unable now to lift it or get a good grasp on things. Maybe they will be able to help him. We go back to the doctor Thursday, but even when he has to go to the bathroom, I have to totally take care of him like a baby because he cannot seem to do anything with his left arm except to grab hold of me and pull himself up. Thank heavens he can do at least that. His son is arriving in this area tonight and I know he and his girlfriend will come to see us when they can and he is going to fix Richard’s car. So I guess we are lucky that he is somewhat ok, and I am sure he will get better with time.

    Yes, I am glad that there are anthologies by some various disabled artists, and also I have found some things on the Internet. I have read too that there are some artists, etc. amongst the homeless too. I guess there will always be things to write about. I appreciate you so much. Hugs and blessings, Anne


  7. Thanks, Patty. I think we are going to talk about that when we go back this coming Thursday. He has a bunch of other issues I have to find out about too so we will be busy asking a lot of questions. Thanks again kindly, Anne


      1. Lots of my writing happens because I just sat down, had a phrase or song in my head, or maybe a memory, and next thing I know I’ve written a blog post, a chapter in an ongoing manuscript or started a whole new book.

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  8. I think we may be soul sisters, Patty. This is what I do too. It sure has been a wonderful surprise to get to know you once I got over my own self. I am sorry for anything I ever said or did. A lot of control issues coming from growing up days. I am glad I am taking the Silent Eye Correspondence Course too. It has been a lot of help to see where we get some of the stuff we end up doing or the characters we end up being that are related to our egos. It is really an honor to get to know you and I am glad we got a second chance.


    1. Anne, all is forgiven and forgotten. I wasn’t without fault.

      All water underneath the bridge, and pathway back to those times is washed away.

      All is well.

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      1. Good, Patty. Richard and I are down very ill right now, but I am going to try to find the quilts about the homeless and do a story about it for you. Hugs and blessings, Anne


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