Days Like This

Anne’s contribution for Wounded Warriors Recovery Home

It is just a little thing. I think it was 12″ w x 17″ l. It took very little time even with some hand-stitching. But that was not important at all. The whole idea was to try to bring a moment of happiness into someone’s life, especially when they have had a hard time and need some support.

These men were serving their country when they were wounded, and we need to go beyond our personal beliefs about war and whether we should have been there or not and try to help those men. My own brother came home 100% disabled from Vietnam. My brother knew nothing of Vietnam or its people and he knew even less about the politics involved. He went to serve his country as many of my relatives in the past have done; he was just 18, still a teenager. He is alive today after these many years, and it has given me the heart to help anyone who was or is suffering a physical/developmental/emotional or other challenge for the remainder of my life.

If we believe in something we are doing, we must do it and not forsake it just because there are challenges in trying to do it. The challenges of life are there to help us. Without them, we would never learn to have compassion for others, or to act when we see a need. And life’s journey would not be meaningful without them. Walking through a barren desert will never be comparable with walking through a life of valleys and mountains. And we could never learn personal strength in our beliefs -religious/spiritual without them.


14 thoughts on “Days Like This

  1. Most loving intentions, for those who have served and loved us well. Created with an open heart ❤️. Beautiful post Anne,

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  2. Anne, it is beautiful and warms the heart. I knew several of the boys I grew up with who came back from Vietnam in boxes and others simply in pieces. Who knew then that I would visit that stunning country decades later? For me, I had to cross the Atlantic to finally be at home. Thank you for sharing this. Léa

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    1. Thank you so kindly, Lea. Your sharing is beautiful too. Isn’t it amazing that places in this world can be so beautiful and yet have harbored such violence at times? We were in Okinawa at the end of WWII (my mother and dad, brother and Grandma who lived with us since her husband died when I was a tot. It too was beautiful and I am glad to have had the opportunity to visit it even though I was a young girl at the time. It was still full of signs of the war, and that made it difficult to be there, but the country was amazing and the people on the Island were really nice people, almost all of them. It was terrible to see what war had done to them too. Thank you so much for your meaningful sharing. Peace and blessings, Anne

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      1. It is gorgeous here but during the war, this “un-pccu[oed” part of France was dotted with Concentration Camps and for the last several months there have been write-ups in our local paper about the different camps. There is one about 30 minutes from me which still has a few remmenents standing and a museum with many aritifacts. I’ve traveled a bit in Europe, South-East Asia. I have had a number of trips to Mexico and spent quite a bit of time in Canada growing up. There are still relations in Canada. The best part of my travels is always the people. As for America, I’ve lived in NYC, North and Southern California, the mid-west and been through a number of states including on business. There is no place like home but home is here where my heart is. It is lovely to chat with you. Perhaps one day we can do it vis-a-vis (face to face). You won’t find better wine… ❤ Léa

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  3. Hi Lea, Your lovely note is so welcome. I studied history in all my schools and there is so much we never learned there. I honestly did not know that there were concentration camps in France. Were people gassed there too? But I remember there is another lady who blogs and she lives in France I believe. But I know that France is a lovely country overall, and yes, I bet the wines are excellent there too. There is so much in Europe I would love to see and explore first-hand. Well, we never know what is next in life. Thank you kindly for your good note.


    1. Thank you kindly. I love to capture happy feelings. Our wounded warriors need to see things that they can remember that were good and peaceful and happy. Hugs and blessings to you and the children, Anne

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