Oh What a Beautiful Morning

Courtesy Pixels
Oh what a beautiful day.
I've got a wonderful feelin'
Everything's goin' my way . . .

I was thinking that sometimes we think a day is beautiful when things are going the way we would like them to happen.

But what about all the other days? Do you realize how many miracles occur in this world, in every part of the world, despite the political systems, the religious beliefs, the cultural makeup of those who inhabit any given location? Yes, miracles happen if you but open your eyes to them.

Life then, depends on what you want to see of it. You can choose to see the negative side of everything, or you can look for the miracles, and they may not all be earth-shattering. Sometimes you need to open your mind to new possibilities of what constitutes a miracle, but I can assure you that miracles do happen every single day, every month, every week, every day, every minute and every second. Just the fact that the world keeps spinning and all the other planets and stars and the sun and the moon stay where they are is a major miracle.


28 thoughts on “Oh What a Beautiful Morning

  1. Great piece!Joy is in the so called ordinary… every moment has the potential to make itself beautiful or terrible depending on how we choose to sense it !
    Wishing us all a beautiful blessed day!!

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  2. This is so true. We see only what we look for and choose to see. If we look down to the mud and dust and rubble at our feet, we will see only death, destruction and despair. But if we look up to the treetops, the sky and all creation around us, we will see life and love and joy and experience peace and fulfillment. I prefer to look for the miracles, even the smallest. Even a smile from someone can be a miracle, even from a stranger. I love that picture, too. I have never seen it before. Even that picture is a miracle because it can bring a smile to us as we look at it. I guess that means that even a mouse can be a miracle in the right circumstances. πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes, we had a real miracle the other day. My significant other, Richard, is going to have critical neck surgery very shortly. It is the second one he has had and this one is to correct a problem that has come about as a result of the first one. Right in the midst of all this, we thought the engine on our car had thrown a rod or perhaps blown a head gasket as it was smoking, etc. I put it for sale so that we could hopefully get enough to perhaps at least put down on another used car, though I was unsure how I could manage. So I got some e-mails from people wanting to buy it knowing it was not running and one of the people lived in the same town as we do. He and his girlfriend came over, and he looked into the engine and other parts and then got the keys from Richard and started the car. And it started! What is more, he drove it around our park, and it ran all the way, and came back still running! Now that was a miracle, and it seems like every time we have a challenge, God comes through for us just when we think nothing can be done. Now I just think that God will not let us down, and he does not. Yes, the smallest of things in the right circumstances CAN be miracles too. Everything on this earth, and all the people, creatures and everything here down to the smallest grain of sand is sacred. If God did not want any of it or the people here on this earth, he would never have put us here, so we have to believe that we ARE all sacred, and we ALL belong, even those people who do not believe the same things as we do, or who seem to always be causing problems. They are here for a reason and only God knows that. Well, I sure agree with what you wrote, and we are so thankful.

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  3. This is why I want to be posting about acts of kindness others do (hope to every friday). Because we look at all the dark when there is so much goodness and light too. Most the people I meet are nice to me. There are those that are rude and it’s obviously because they are either hurting or sad. Most people are neutral or if engage with them extraordinarily nice and helpful.

    Love, light and glitter

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    1. I really love what you say every single time and I have adopted you as my soul sister forever. I never make adoptions temporarily unless the other person disappears or passes on. You are incredible and I love your Love, light and glitter. I alway used to sign mine love and light always. Anne

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      1. You’ve made me want to cry again Anne, and it’s really perfect timing to hear this. In a strange mood at the moment (wanting to trigger myself, and under the weather, so more than likely that’s why and it’ll pass if I let it). I’m touched.
        Love, light and glitter
        And sunshine and sparkles and rainbows πŸ™‚ and fairy dust. And magic!

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  4. Better UNDER the weather than in it . . . Just joking, but I know when we don’t feel well, everything affects us more critically. Many years ago when I was working in Archaeology, I remember reading how depression likely started in the ice age when people might have to go long periods without food and they might be somewhat cold too and perhaps even a little ill like you, so they slept because they felt bad and that actually saved them. I do the same when I am not feeling right, so I think that is a good thing to do. Love and light always to you too.


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