Life is not always as it appears

Rare, four-footed goldfish

Things are not always what they seem in life. There is an old scene in the animated film, “The Point” by Nilsson, released in 1971 where the little boy, Oblio, is vanquished into the “Pointless Forest” by the evil prince. On his journey through the forest, he encounters Rock Man, who gives him a lesson in wisdom. “You see what you want to see, and hear what you want to hear.”

How many times is this true in all of our lives? What do we really know of our world or our universe except what our minds choose to believe or our eyes choose to see?

I have been thinking about creatures of this earth, and recently a conversation came up about the lowly slug. Everyone hated them, and most of the people were afraid of them. Yet, if you think about slugs, they have no means of self-defense. They DO have a bit of a shell inside, but they are easily stepped on and destroyed even with that. They do leave a slime path wherever they go that is created by the water they drink and which mixes with their bodily fluids, to be exuded along the way. They do have eyes located at the ends of their antennae. They sometimes come to a home and will get inside, even though there is nothing visible drawing them inside. And other than their little slimy paths, they do no damage or harm anyone.

I had never considered how sacred everything is in our universe until I searched on the symbolic significance of slugs. I will leave it for any of you who wish to pursue this further to find it on your own, but I will say that after I read it, I thought of how many things in this world I have feared or disliked simply because I never thought of them as being important or sacred in this world. Everything in this world, every person, every creature, every plant, and every grain of sand has meaning in this universe. We are not here by accident; we are the result of an amazing design – a phenomena that has occurred with incredible complexity of evolution.

All is not always as it seems. The tiniest particle in our world may be a chain in our evolution. We need to look closer at those things we take for granted, or that we think we know and perhaps are afraid of and/or dislike. There is always something new to learn and it is good to question ourselves when we encounter something we don’t understand in this world. Maybe, just maybe we have it wrong.


17 thoughts on “Life is not always as it appears

    1. Hi Len, I had recently read a couple of posts by Sue Vincent of The Silent Eye Mystery School. They were on her own blog, and she didn’t mention anything about the significance of them — just that they showed up at her home and kept coming inside. As I thought about that, and why slugs would want to enter someone’s home, I decided to look up the symbolic significance of slugs, and this is when I came across some fascinating information. I have often thought that many creatures of all kinds have a lot to teach us, just as a lot of things on this earth, especially in nature do, and hence, when I saw that photo I had taken some time back, it made me decide to mention it in the article. Thank you very kindly, and I so agree with you too.

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  1. Anne, there are lessons for us everywhere, if we would just take the time to ponder. When we believe that life is sacred, we can find the wisdom we need to make our stay here a blessing to ourselves and to others. I have to look this up. I was once totally freaked out by slugs. I don’t know why.

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  2. That is the thing, Donna. Think about how many creatures that freak us out because we have no real understanding of them and what they do or will do. I have been afraid of tarantulas, and yet they too are basically harmless. They do have protection, but they can walk up and down your arm or hand and not hurt you at all. I love what you have to say. It is very conscious and excellent spirituality as well. Thank you very kindly.

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    1. Thank you kindly, Lauren. There is always something for all of us to discover about this huge world and the universe where we reside. It is such a joy in life to be able to find something new I didn’t know yesterday.

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  3. You’re right. Everything has value.
    Re the first part you wrote, I find that whenever I am working through something specific or have some idea/thought/’revelation’ I come across pictures and blog posts that are all saying whatever it is at the moment. Its everywhere the message I need to hear at that time. I wonder if others also experience that. I think it’s two things. One that the messages are there if we open our eyes to it. Two that the universe will send us what we need or are ready for/open to.

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    1. Isn’t that true how that seems to happen? I know if I am doing a visioning board, the most wonderful pictures and words suddenly appear that are just perfect for it. Thank you most kindly.


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