Happy, Happy, Happy!!!

My old Spunky, Rest his soul, in his St. Patrick’s Day shirt

It’s late, I know, but the blessings to you are real.

I want to wish you the best that this day, this spring, has to offer.

Rise up to every challenge. We are up to it!


4 thoughts on “Happy, Happy, Happy!!!

  1. You too, Carol. We have been busy, busy, busy with doctor’s appt. Richard has to have another neck surgery, this time from the back side (before they cut his throat to do a vertebrae replacement). Apparently it is impinging on his nerves and making him have constant cramps and inability to talk much. they have to go in and move it away from the nerves, so not a light surgery, plus more danger from the surgery itself. Oh well, we are getting used to this. Have a good week and spring too. Hope your weather is decent there. Hugs, Anne


  2. Hi Ann,
    Love Spunky r.i.p in his St Patrick’s day shirt. Really made my day as both my parents r.i.p were Irish and somehow yesterday was Abit of an anti climax for various reasons.
    I haven’t been on line much apart from jiggling about with my blog and really tying myself in knots. I am happy though to continue jiggling as I feel the process will help my writing in general.
    I need to catch up with you also from a previous message.

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