Children and Music

Children truly LOVE music, even as tiny babies . . .

I wish that all children had an opportunity to learn some form of music. It is so good for the soul and I honestly believe it helps them to be able to learn other things as well more easily. If every child in every culture, every nation, had music from such an early age, do you think we might have a more peaceful world?


6 thoughts on “Children and Music

    1. You know, I think that could be wonderful to get rid of hatred with whatever methods we can use. I love that. It is funny that this post is about Korean children playing instruments, and it has not been viewed much, but I think it would have if I had posted about white children playing instruments. So sad and it could be just my imagination, but children are children and they are all sacred and magical, regardless of color, culture, religious beliefs, etc. Thank you most kindly, Jennie!

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  1. They sure all. With love and kindness, and good treatment, all children can progress and become great in their own individual ways. That is what makes you a great teacher, Jennie!


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