Source by Anne Copeland – 5″ x 7″ – 2009

This is one of my many collaged “Soul Cards.” I wrote a poem to go with it.

I thought Source
Was a God
A God who was perfect
A God who could do no wrong
A God pure and dressed in white
Floating somewhere above me
Above the world
Above the universe.
But the Bible says
God created us in his image.
And so I thought about that.
There are people of every color
Every culture
Every language
Every belief system
And there are all kinds of strange things
And strange people
That got put together on this earth.
And what does that say about the image?
Who is this God – this energy – this creator – this source?
Maybe he, she, or it
Is creative in the wildest sense of the word.
Maybe this Source has a sense of humor.
Maybe Source is capricious and doesn’t stop
To think
About whether anything matches, or whether it fits
Or whether it will even work or whether it will be destructive.
Maybe everything really belongs
And it is our consciousness
That is a mistake. – Anne Copeland December 1, 2008


19 thoughts on “Source

  1. Thank you very kindly, Carol. How’s the sourdough coming along? I didn’t remember it being difficult? Are you using some new or different ingredients or ??? Be well and I think of you often.


  2. This is beautiful. As soon as my computer is back up and running I am going to share this. I get these post in my email, so I will save this in a folder until I am able to share it with everyone. Wonderful. I agree wholeheartedly.

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  3. I love how you think and your thoughts! One random thought that came into my mind as I read your post is that ‘God is an Artist’! I have always believed that the Divine/Source is not something removed and separate from us, but rather that we are all interconnected, knit and woven together, with each other and the Divine!

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    1. Absolutely, and I am not even sure that the Divine/Source is one God. I think there are, and likely always have been, many, many Gods. They may all be the same God in different forms. After all, if God IS all-powerful, why couldn’t this happen? If he can create mankind in many forms and colors and sizes, why not the ability to create him/herself (and again, how do we know that God or Gods are a male figure? Cannot they be both? If God created us in His image, than he must be a little of each. I read in my class that the early Gods did the work of mankind to show us what to do to be self-sustaining and then they ultimately left to be the Gods they were before. I often wonder since mankind supposedly evolved from some more primitive life form if we might not be cast as it were from the earth itself. I often think (and there were philosophers who thought the same thing) that everything on this earth is alive, perhaps not in the way we understand life, but the entire universe is alive. So much to ponder in this life. Thank you again.

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      1. I have often felt that the Divine shows many faces and has many paths of understanding to compliment the fact that we are all different. I don’t believe God has a gender. I do believe everything on the Earth is alive, for the Earth is a delicate collection of symbiosis among everything that is on it. It amazes me that we owe our oxygen supply to plants, who get the organisms that it needs from dead sea creatures and it is that oxygen rich environment that allows us to survive. It is like the Earth wants us to be in balance. I also ponder if we, and everything around us is not part of a large life, much like our atoms, and their particles that make our cells, which make us – what do we make? Or are we just some experiment is a science lab on some other planet being observed, much like we try to unlock the secrets of the particles in our universe. Sorry for my tangents … I love your questions and thoughts and am grateful to have a chance to discuss these things.

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      2. I posted another reply to you below, and I agree with all the things you had commented on. It is good to meet like souls who are willing to look at ALL the possibilities, for I think possibility is infinite. We only know a fragment – perhaps the equivalent of a millisecond – of what is available to know, and yet we claim we know all the answers. Thank you kindly.

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  4. To The Alchemist – I so agree with all the things you have to say, and am glad for the depth of the respo0nse. Life is the ultimate mystery. And yes, I am certain that everything on this earth is a form of life, right down to the grains of sand. The entire universe is alive in one form or another, and there are many forms of life, just as there are all kinds of animals, plants, and human beings. We cannot begin to know what wonders await our discovery. We have not even tapped the surface. Perhaps one of these days and I always wonder if it will come in this lifetime.

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