Don’t Let Them Take Your Mind

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This is a great video, and says so much about our sacred being. The music is fantastic.

This is one of my favorite pieces of music. It says so much about our integrity and sacredness as human beings. I hope you enjoy it as much as i do. It is definitely on my regular listening


7 thoughts on “Don’t Let Them Take Your Mind

  1. You are very welcome. It’s funny, but I felt the same way about the David Bowie and this music. I love what it says about each of us being sacred and wonderful for this earth. There is a lot of symbolic meaning in the song that I think that is so important. Thank you most kindly.

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  2. Great song, thought-provoking. Yes, we should not believe all they tell us. I do read news, but always try to contrast different sources of information. I am a teacher too, but do not practice perverse indoctrination. I want my students to learn to think by themselves, to be critical with any form of power abuse in this world. Our world remains flat and not round as long as there are so many lies and so much power abuse, which result in more and more inequality, injustice and poverty. The happy end of the song is beautiful but sometimes it is just a dream we cannot turn into reality. I strongly recommend you and the rest of your followers here to read my friend Mario Savioni’s novel (very short chapters) “Pickles and Tarts”. A lot of what your lovely blog expresses is there as well: what one dares to dream but cannot always accomplish: “Frank thought about this. Was he looking for a partner or someone to have sex with? He did not think beyond that simple, single transaction — the satisfaction of his baser needs, not realizing that his needs might go on given the possibility of this opportunity and mutual attraction.” Excerpt from here:

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    1. Thank you so kindly. I appreciate your very thoughtful writing and you seem one of the few people who actually understands what is being spoken about, and I agree with your thoughts very much. So much of what children are taught today simply seems to squelch a child’s thinking process in favor of doing what is expected. I was in an art class of special needs children and the teacher was having them make little bears with attached limbs and head. I agree about the abuse of power, which is not happening just in this presidency, but in a long line of people without principles of truthfulness and honor.

      Thank you for the good read on pickles-and-tarts. What particularly appealed to me was that the author made it very clear about how so many people are guided by emotions for the moment, and they have not connected in any depth with their own innermost souls. I am studying a correspondence course from England right now that has a lot of philosophy, psychology, geography, archaeology, and the history of the people, but also it deals with what makes us tick related to our actions and reactions, and it is something from which I have learned much. So I appreciated that the book really seems to lean into that sort of thinking related to the makeup of a person.

      I appreciate you writing and reading this one piece, and also the thoughtful sharing of your friend’s book. Thank you very kindly.

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      1. You are welcome very kindly, Anne. I am glad you found my friend Mario’s story interesting. I am almost helping him get more followers as you help your paraplejic friend with her blog. Mario is a much better writer than myself. Instead, his blog still gets less attention than mine, which is not fair. Mario is also an artist, painter, photographer and plays the piano with his iphone. Perhaps you could write a comment on his post? I love what you said about his writing: “Thank you for the good read on pickles-and-tarts. What particularly appealed to me was that the author made it very clear about how so many people are guided by emotions for the moment, and they have not connected in any depth with their own innermost souls.”


  3. I can sure relate where you are coming from trying to help your friend with his blog. We all just have to keep trying every day or every few days on our blogs, and ultimately we have to pay attention to what the statistics tell us about a particular post. Then that can lead us to more posts that might be similar. I have found that if we post questions, challenges, or even have things like monthly “tea parties” where we invite others to “attend” and then everyone posts to each other and for their blog and they give the name of their blog, and they also have a subject that everyone posts something revealing about themselves with. For example, this last one for The Little Mermaid (one of my favorites) was to post a confession about something. it could be something humorous or serious, but it gets people to interacting. Did Mario start his site at the same time you did or later. Have him share some of his art and writing about it online. That will help. The main thing is to keep looking at all the sites you DO like. One of the things that must happen is that there must be a good variety. You will get the idea quickly and so will he.

    I have had posts on my own blog that have hardly gotten any response, and then suddenly I was able to switch to something else and everything changed. So none of us get good attention all the time. You would both benefit from reading any posts by Sue Vincent and Stuart France or Steve Tanham, who posts infrequently. They are all with The Silent Eye Mystery School and they are doing very well. They each have multiple books out and they give these events live in England where they enact a part of history related to the studies. It is so much in keeping with what you have written about here related to being connected in depth with their own innermost souls. It is through this study that I am learning the real meaning and importance of what you are saying here. It is a very deep study of what causes us to be disconnected with our own innermost souls. Sue has more than one web site and is on gmail. She is a truly wonderful person. Peace and many blessings, Anne


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