The Gift

The Tin Woman by Anne Copeland (She says, “I always had a heart.”)

This may end up being a series post because it involves the story of a life. It is my hope that this may serve to help anyone who is having difficulty coping with life. It is a true story. It is my story. And I am feel blessed to be able to share it.

I was inspired to write my story when I read a beautiful and touching post by a person whose blog I follow, Almost everyone in this life goes through some sort of tragedy or issues that can change a life forever. Challenges, no matter what the nature of them can be, are a blessing. The reason they are a blessing is that without them, we might never learn compassion for others, or how to help them when they need it most. We might never experience the beauty of life because life is full of valleys and mountains, sunshine and shadows and darkness. And we might never develop a sort of strength and true understanding of a journey. We might never develop faith in some form, from a belief in a God and a loyalty to that belief, or a sort of spirituality that we recognize in the things, people and places that surround us every day.

And lives – all lives – are sacred in this world. They are here by design – all of them. All forms, all shapes, all colors and names we have made to categorize each of them. They are needed to help the earth and the universe to survive. Even the smallest grain of sand is sacred. It has a special function though it may seem insignificant. Nothing is insignificant in this world.

I want to let you know that this story contains elements of life and death. It contains elements of goodness and love and kindness. And it also contains elements of evil and hatred and the horrible acts that human beings are capable of enacting upon selves and others. This is an opportunity for anyone reading it to perhaps change your thinking about human life on this plane.

The Tin Lady is not only an art doll that I created from found objects. If you look at her carefully, you will see that she is imperfect. Perhaps we can all be both imperfect and sacred a the same time. Most of my art falls into the Wabi Sabi category I have written about in the past; it is an appreciation of the imperfect, the impermanent, and the miracles that can be appreciated in the simplest of things. It serves to remind us that we are all here but a short time in the overall scheme of things, and that life is not a destination, but a journey every day that we live.

So with this brief introduction, the next part of the story will be told in a second post. I do not have a schedule for this. I will write more as I am able to continue. Thank you one and all very kindly for being here.


24 thoughts on “The Gift

  1. Anne … I am humbled that you would make mention in your own post of being inspired by my most recent post. Thank you. I like your thought of being imperfect and sacred at the same time, and I believe that we are as well. It’s a beautiful thought. Again, thank you for the mention and I look forward to the second part of your post … Keith

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    1. Thank you most kindly. I think when we share these all too painful memories and the things that came from having gone through them, we ultimately have the potential to heal not only our own selves, but perhaps we open a door for others to move through so that they too can have an opportunity to feel accepted, sacred, and to have their lives lit with meaning. Thank you again for your taking the risk to share what is so difficult to remember without feeling a genuine living of loss that can never be refilled in our lifetimes.

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    1. Thank you so kindly, Patty. I hope this posting will help some other soul that has been so wounded in this life. We are all that we have to share with others and to try to help them to be free of the things that bring them so much pain. You are doing a great job of helping others in ways that are so needed.


    1. Thank you so kindly, Carol. I think our lives are pages in this world that can open to help others. I don’t know how long I have left on this plane, but I am doing my best to make it worthwhile not only for myself, but for others whose paths in life I have been fortunate enough to cross. Thank you again, and I truly appreciate you and your writing.

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      1. Thank you dear Anne and I hope you have many years left I am sure you will leave many of us with wonderful thoughts of you…I also hope in my small way I will be remembered with love and kindness …Enjoy your weekend πŸ™‚ xx

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    1. Thank you kindly, and yes, my heart is worn where it can be seen and shared with others. We all have gifts to share, and I hope that in sharing, someone else’s pain will be lessened. We do have a dual nature for certain, as does all of nature and the universe in general. Thank you kindly again. I like your beautiful writing very much. I have been terribly ill and so am very behind on my reading, studies and writing, but I am inspired to write this now as I don’t know when there will be another opportunity. Very wise lady.

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  2. Thank you so much, Laura. Sounds like you are a musician. Do you write your own, and what genre do you like best to play? Years ago, I studied classical guitar and I was taking lessons, but my guitar got stolen and I never seemed able to get it replaced. It is OK though. When it is time for me to get one, I am sure it will happen. And I have my art until then. My physically challenged brother loves and collects guitars. I might make a guitar quilt for him one of these days. I don’t promise anymore because I don’t know what I am capable of from day to day. Hugs and blessings, Anne


  3. Thank you, Jennie. Ir starts reading like a horror movie next, Jennie and I hope you find it not too difficult to get through. It wouldn’t work unless I really tell it, all of it. I don’t think it is healthy anymore to have to hide the things that we never created or agreed to because of shame that people will judge that we will be similar to those people in our behavior or because we are afraid of some form of harm that may come to us. I think we can only help others to heal by getting rid of all that things that continue to create pain in our lives. There is a misconception that people who have been so harmed will end up growing up to hurt others, but I believe that we can and do end up good people if we so choose. Life and how we live it is always a choice. Thank you kindly again, Jennie.


    1. Thank you so kindly. I love your photos and writing about this great part of Southern California too. I am surprised I have never been to that part you wrote about for your hikes. I know Alpine but it has been years, and I have been to Anza Borego, and some other parts down toward San Diego, but I sure did miss this area.


  4. You’re a good soul, Anne, and I love you sharing your wisdom and experiences. So many keep their deepest feelings inside and never have closure. Without closure, it’s difficult to move onward. Thank you for following BrewNSpew. πŸ™‚

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  5. I love the perfection of the imperfection of your Tin Lady. I relate to her in my own imperfection. I want to have her agreeable face that spreads kindness to all the people around, and her big heart, full of love, good wishes and beautiful colors.

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    1. Thank you so kindly. Me too. I fashioned her after me – she is made totally from found objects, and put together simply. But I love what she thinks about having always had a heart, while the Tin Man went in search of his in The Wizard of Oz. She never had to look for it. It was always there.

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