Thank You Forever . . .

army burial cemetery cross
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You were there for me, and you didn’t even know my name.  You fought for me, and millions like me whom you never got to meet. And you fought for your wives, your children, and your grandchildren, and this country of ours.  You came back, alive but wounded, or you came back in a casket.  You did your best to preserve our country and our freedom.  You were terrified at times, and sick from seeing all the dead and dying and the wounded, but you kept fighting.  Thank you forever.  Thank you for all the children growing up in a free country, and for all those who don’t even realize how great was your sacrifice.  I don’t know your names either, but I know that you did the best anyone could have done for any of us.  And I thank you one and all.  I wish you could hear me say it.  I wish I could shake all of your hands, or perhaps make a quilt for you and your families, who still cry when they remember what you were willing to give.

I cry when I remember my little brother, barely a man at 18, and how he came back 100% disabled from a war we should not have perhaps fought.  His sacrifices, like yours, gave me the heart to forever on work with those with physical and other challenges.  It gave me the heart that when I see you missing a limb or more than one, or suffering from PTSD to want to hug and comfort you and to say that I will never forget one of you. I grew up in a military family and every male member fought in one of the wars through time; some never made it back home.

This day is coming to an end, but your day will be forever remembered in the hearts of many of us.  And again, I want to say to all of you, thank you forever.



3 thoughts on “Thank You Forever . . .

  1. Touching tribute to all the unknown warriors who safegaurd peace with their lives This truly resonates deep. with my own father and grandfather having served for the country, when I was born my father was at the frontline … so I suppose he saw me the in person only a year later.

    Countless lives lost and maimed and hurting for years to come . Is the price of war.
    You have written this with so much heart…
    I also think the tribute extends to the families of these bravehearts, who bear the brunt of wars.
    Praying for a peaceful world.💙🙏💙


  2. Thank you kindly Savvy. It is very appreciated. Hugs and blessings, Anne And that was true of me too seeing my father only after I was a year or old for he was away in the war too. I come from a military family way back as far as I can remember. My younger (and only sibling) brother came home from Vietnam 100% disabled, so I truly appreciate all of the effort on our behalf, and I too pray for a peace for all of us.


  3. I wanted you to not be confused over my friend Barbara Williamson’s name on my post. I am in process of making a wordpress web site for her as she is a paraplegic and just lost all of her art and her home in the Paradise, CA fire (called the Camp Fire). So many people dead in that fire and the entire city was destroyed. I will get this fixed (her photo in place of mine.)


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