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This is a state of depression or apathy caused by comparing the actual state of the world with an idealized state. – Merriam Webster Online Dictionary

One day

One Breath

One Moment

And it is all gone.

How did humanity

survive through the centuries

With so much destruction,

violence and hatred?

We keep learning geography,

spelling and math.

We learn how to write

and how to graph.

But we never seem to learn

how to appreciate

the moment.

How to be happy

where we are

with what we have,

or what we don’t have,

who we are,

and who we are not.


12 thoughts on “Weltschmerz

  1. Hello Anne! How wonderful to meet you! Thanks to the Little Mermaid for introduction 🙂 I read a couple of your posts and I feel at home here. Your words, your observations and memories make me feel like I’m cuddled in a warm blanket of my own memories and make me open my eyes wider to the world around me.

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    1. Hi Luna, Wow, thank you so much! I love that feeling too so I am glad I can make others have the same feelings. I am so glad that you feel the way you do. I am going to go visit your blog too, and I am sure I want to subscribe to yours as well. Isn’t The Little Mermaid wonderful? I just love her and it is so much to have something like a pretend tea party to get to know everyone. It feels so real because people talk about different kinds of teas and crumpets. I love it!!! Thank you again very kindly, and I hope to see you soon on your blog. Anne

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    1. Me too, Glen. And sometimes I wonder where we are now when I see the way the humans continue to behave. It has to be good to be out in the wilderness so that one does not have to hear or see any of it, or hopefully as little as possible. Thank you kindly. Best to you and your wife, Anne

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  2. Basically, people in the world have forgotten what it took for them to get to a place where they had freedom and were willing to be responsible to take care of it. Everyone was waiting for someone else to take care of the world for them, so I guess this is the world teaching us all a lesson. But being out in nature IS taking care of the world, for I am sure that the two of you will protect and care for it as best as you can, and you are learning a lot while you are there. It is a wonderful thing for the two of you to be, so to speak, the keepers of nature wherever you might be. Learning about it and perhaps writing about it might help future generations to understand what a great gift it is for all of us. Be well, both of you, Anne


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