Ravioli, Ravioli . . .


Baby Annie reading a book

This photo is a baby girl named Anne, and it is some 76 years old approximately. Oh how she loved to be read to aloud, or how she loved to “read” her own little books.  There were never enough books, and her favorite person to read to her was her Grandma.  She was still sitting on the floor next to her Grandma in her rocking chair.  And Grandma would tell little Anne stories to capture her memory and to make her days memorable.

I dedicate this story to my friend Jennie, who teaches preschoolers at a private school back East.  Her favorite way of teaching is reading aloud to the students, something they all love so much.  She combines it with so much creativity.  One day, she was asking the children if they wanted to have a new story, and instead of telling one child who was talking a lot, she told the children if they wanted a story to say “Ravioli, Ravioli.”  It changed the climate immediately and all the children began to say that.

I am so glad I grew up loving to read.  To this day, it is perhaps one of my most wonderful adventures in life.  I hope any of you who have children will take the time to read to them as much as possible.  Let them pick out books from the library.  And teach them to ask in funny ways such as “Ravioli, Ravioli!”


13 thoughts on “Ravioli, Ravioli . . .

  1. It’s like reading is a dying art these days it seems. When our daughter was small, we lugged more books back and forth from our tiny village library, I sure she read all that was in her age range and then some. I know that there is a ton of research on children being read to and the value of reading and I’m sure it is all positive. But, what a bonding time we created with her and reading a book stimulates our mind and back then her mind to go places and visit worlds and things that no video game of I-pad could create.

    Thanks for the reminder Anne.!!

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  2. What a beautiful photo of you Anne. A great dedication to your wonderful friend!
    I too had made it a point to read out aloud to my daughter when she was a little baby. It continued for so many years because she used to love our special reading time together.. As she grew up i used to let her decide which book she wanted read. She had a habit of pulling up books with a lot of animal charecters in them … I too would indulge her by improvising my pitch diction and voice to animate the charecters to the best of my ability. And now after all these years I remember her telling me once that she used make me read then again and again because I had the knack of bringing those stories magically come alive for her. And that meant a lot to her. Its no surprise that as a young woman now she devours books and is especially fond of animals .

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  3. Thank you so kindly, Savvy. I love reading aloud to children, and not just for them either. I love to hear the words myself. I remember in high school, one of my favorite and best teachers used to read aloud to us – I loved to be read to even when I was a teen, and to this day, I love to hear someone reading out loud. Yes, I understand that love of reading and also love of animals. Me too for sure. Hugs, Anne

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