Every House Needs a House Tree

Many years ago in the hippy era, I worked as editor for a very tiny independent magazine, Freedom Today Magazine.  The staff all worked for basically nothing, and we ate out of a big soup pot (I did have an apartment of my own) and we worked all sorts of crazy hours, but we would take off to go see a movie or go skating.  Sometimes when work got too hectic, we would all get up and boogie to the latest songs until we would collapse laughing. We were living the hippy life in a good way and we all loved it.

Every time I would go into the kitchen I would see this absolutely magnificent floor to ceiling house tree that had been made from a cut-down eucalyptus branch.  It had little branch stubs coming out all over it and there were cups hanging on each stub or other kitchen things that were truly unique and fun.

From that day on, I never forgot that house tree, and I determined that all my houses or apartments or mobile homes would always have one and I did that.

Annie's house tree found by high school wrapped in yarn 51610Annie's house tree from Mavis 51610Annie's original house treeAnnie's new bathroom Eucalyptus house tree bestAnnie's new Eucalyptus house tree


3 thoughts on “Every House Needs a House Tree

  1. My mum insists on having living plants in a house. She practically forced me to accept a succulent that she’d propagated when I moved out. The little guy is thriving after only a few months and it almost needs a new pot! It sure adds some life to the place. Having read your article, maybe I should upgrade to a tree…


    1. Thank you most kindly. You know, trees do not have to be living to share space with you in your home. The symbolic meaning of trees is pretty wonderful and offers much to grow from within our own lives. I have enjoyed wrapping some of my “trees” or big branches with more branches coming out of them to bring color and wonder into the house. You can hang meaningful things from them too – even things like prayer flags or tied pieces of rags if that is within the context of your thinking. Anything to add symbolism to the life within your home.

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      1. This makes me think of Norse beliefs, where the universe was suspended on the tree they called Yggdrasil. It think every human culture has had some spiritual connection with trees. If I didn’t go out into the bush, walking amongst the trees every so often, I’d go crazy.


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