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Photo courtesy of Pexels.

I thought Source was a God.

A God who was Perfect.

A God who could do no wrong

A god pure and dressed in white

Floating somewhere above the world

Above the universe.

But the Bible says

God created us in his image.

And so I thought about that.

There are people of every color

Every culture

Every belief system

And there are all kinds of strange things and strange people

That got put together on this earth.

And what does that say about this image?

Who is this God – this energy – this creator – this source?

Maybe he, she, or it

Is creative in the wildest sense of the word.

Maybe this source has a sense of humor.

Maybe Source is capricious and doesn’t stop to think

About whether anything matches, or whether it fits

Or whether it will even work

Or whether it will be destructive.

Maybe everything really belongs.

And it is our consciousness

That is a mistake.

-Anne Copeland


10 thoughts on “Source

  1. Inspiring! I loved the challenge whether the source would have some humor. That’s a great way to look at certain things, rather with a smile not taking it too serious than getting angry or even offended. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks kindly. We all need to take life in general a little less seriously instead of getting upset over this thing and that thing. Shortens our lifespan a lot and creates a lot of illness – both physical and mental, to be constantly angry, etc. over such small things, and if you think about the universe overall, it is all small stuff!

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    1. Thank you most kindly. Yes, you are absolutely right. And it also pertains to all the types of people we find on this earth, and all the animals, etc. We ALL belong or we would not be here, don’t you agree?

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