The Chair

Photo courtesy Pexels.

Everyone knows

The chair is an inanimate object,

Or so they say.

But as I look at the chair, it fills the space

With your everywhereness.

Music from a radio somewhere in the distant past

Dances through the air

As shadows move, changing shape

Softly to the rhythm.

The moments of the clock

Are suspended

Waiting patiently for the rhythm

Of my heart.

The chair softly pulses

Its electricity bringing everything into balance

In a world where everything

Is part of everything else.

It’s funny

Everyone knows

A chair

Is an inanimate object.

Or so they say.


4 thoughts on “The Chair

    1. Thank you very kindly, and yes, the person who deserves the chair that I wrote about definitely deserves it. A man of true character and depth – my significant other. We are both seniors, and in reality, I am older than he is, but it doesn’t matter at all as we are the same age in our thinking, etc. We met at a late age, and we both come from different backgrounds and are a mixed race couple. That is my blessing in this life. Thank you again.

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